• September 15, 2015
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One vital thing about watch wearing is never let others deprive you of the pleasure. True, you surely can’t wear a G-Shock or a Diver with a tux, but otherwise, strapping on any watch that goes with the particular style of clothing is fine. You do not go to sales forums or come to this blog for gathering stigmas. Gonzo smiles on them who know how to wear their style; he smirks only at them who are clueless on the wrong style. IMHO, the person who tells you that a certain brand is worn by worthless people or by someone pretty very much ignorant, it’s just the lack of the person’s financial capability to own one speaking. Or maybe, he stretched his financial limits for that particular piece and plain envious that you didn’t have to. That’s not whom I’d call a true watch lover; for there is no respect for a fellow lover’s choice. Apathy and loathe always rock the watch-loving boat. The serenity of smooth sailing is lost, thereby.

Why I stretched that point definitely has a reason; I once heard a nasty comment from a watch lover who never went beyond Chinese watches and cheap digitals. His motto was – “If I wear a Swiss, it’ll be a Rolex”. I didn’t (and still don’t) have any biasness towards Raphael Picard’s offerings; my Invicta is a reliable Swiss with a remarkable construction and an elegant design. It was only the quartz revolution that made Invicta lose their popularity, like many other Swiss brands, they too reached their low point. But 1991 onward, the new owners (from U.S.) leveraged it up once again; they bought the brand from Picard’s heirs and Invicta got a new headquarter in Hollywood. The new owners returned the brand to its original strategies and quality and since then, they are pushing their quality and craftsmanship ahead. Today, they got slightly over 20 product lines and every product meets the most particular demands of the purpose they are built for. Among these, the Subaqua, Specialty, Russian Diver, Pro-Diver, Sea Spider and Speedway are my favourites; though I pretty much admire the Force, the Vintage and the Elements. All are exquisite timepieces guided by the same basic principle, yet surprisingly affordable despite the high quality production material and procedures.


Invicta watches stand as defining facets of the sub $500 price range, ranging from fine dive watches to dedicatedly stylish ones, possibly with extra dials and added features like screw down crowns. At this level, your demands for real style and refinement is going to fit in and also look right, no matter if your daily wear is a suit and a tie, a khaki, a polo shirt or a wetsuit.

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