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Retro Look Watches – Cool and Trendy Style!

There is something of a retro revival going on at the moment; look at both men’s and women’s fashion for the coming seasons and you will see an influence from many different eras. The 1970’s have gone from being naff to ultra-cool, and the 80’s are having something of a heyday, too! It’s not just

Some Serious Watch Bargains!

At Creation Watches we are always looking to give you the best possible deals on quality watches, so every now and then we look through our range and pick a few of the best bargains of the moment. Of course, with a wide choice of models and some great prices to begin with this is

Newsletter: 8% discount coupon for Casio Titanium Protrek Analog watch!

Casio Protrek Titanium PRG-510T-7: US$ 326 only! Click for details Its summer and you should be going out more, if you are not already :). And this week we have a huge discount on the perfect outdoors watch. It is the Casio Protrek PRG-510T-7 at 8% off the price. This watch is a marvel of

A Review of Casio Protrek Atomic Radio Controlled Sports PRW-1300T-7 Mens Watch

  This Casio Atomic Radio Controlled Sports PRW-1300T-7 Men’s Watch is a part of Casio’s Protrek range of watches. This Casio Trek Men’s Watch is one of the rugged outdoor watches. It is having a Resin Case and a Resin Band. It gives the rough and tough look to the watch. Simply the best timepiece

A Review of Casio Protrek Solar Atomic PRW-2500-1 Mens Watch

  The watch brand casio is known for making lighter fashionable watches for both mens and womens. The Casio protrek, Casio baby-g, Casio g-shock are some of the great example of the Casio watch series. They use unique and good feature in their watches having best quality of material. This extremely new Casio Protrek watch

A Review of Casio ProTrek Radio Controlled Solar PRW-2500T-7ER Mens Watch

  If you are looking for a great watch for outdoor adventures, then you should consider this Casio Protrek Radio Controlled Solar PRW-2500T-7ER Men’s Watch. This is really an excellent sports watch. The case and the band are made up of rough and tough Resin material. This watch runs by solar power. It recharges by

An Overview of Casio Protrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor PRG-200GB-3 Mens Watch

  The advanced Casio Protrek PRG-200GB-3 Men’s Watch is completely powered by solar energy and has many advanced functions. This Casio Solar Mens Watch is one of the rugged outdoor watches. The aim of this Casio watch is to aid adventures. The case of this rough timepiece is made up of stainless steel. And the

A Review of Casio Protrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor PRG-250-1A Watch

  The Casio PRG-250-1A Triple Sensor is a part of Casio’s Protrek range of watches. It is a fantastic Solar powered Men’s watch. The case and the band of this watch are made up of Resin material. This Casio Protrek Men’s Watch is ultimate for outdoor adventurers because it has many features for them. It

A Review Casio Protrek Sports Twin Sensor SGW-300H-1AVDR SGW-300H-1A Mens Watch

The brand casio has huge collection of watches for both mens and womens. They continue making glamorous and attractive watches. Now casio brought an awesome watch for mens that contains good functions and its features. Resin material is used in the making of case of this watch resin is light in weight and strong mostly

A Review of Casio Protrek Solar Power PRG-250T-7 Titanium Mens Watch

The Casio Protrek Men’s Watch is the ultimate in outdoor adventure. It contains a high-capacity solar power system that combines a super-sensitive solar panel to generate power even under low fluorescent light. This Casio Watch has versatile and useful Resin Case with the combination of Titanium Band. This Watch works by solar powered technology, which

An Overview of Casio ProTrek Titanium Triple Sensor PRG-500T-7V PRG-500T-7 PRG-500T Watch

Casio men’s watches manage that magical duality. This Casio PRG-500T-7V Men’s Watch is fashionable and rugged enough for men to appreciate and want to wear them. This watch is having so many feature that anyone would like to own this. The best feature is that it has a full auto LED light and afterglow so

A Review of Casio Protrek Triple Sensor PRG-510-1V PRG510-1 Men’s Watch

This Pro Trek Casio watch is very much useful in our day-to-day life because it embedded with so many amazing features. This Casio Watch is so different and performs so many different functions. The Case or bezel material is Resin and Stainless steel. Also has Resin Band the water resistance of this watch is 100m.

An Overview Casio Protrek Triple Sensor PRG-240-1DR PRG-240-1D PRG-240-1 Men’s Watch

If you are looking for a new watch, you should consider buying a Casio watch. Not only are they renowned for the quality, there are also lots of other advantages.  This casio Protrek watch is innovative in design and functions and helps people in their daily day-to-day life activities. This watch has technologically advanced with

A Review of Casio Protrek Sports SGW-300HD-1AVDR SGW-300HD-1 SGW300HD Watch

SGW-300HD-1AVDR is the watch from Casio having many features for the demanding person. This Casio Protrek is best for the people, who enjoy serious mountain climbing or leisure-seekers such as those who like trekking and car camping. The Protrek series of outdoor watches make the most of Casio’s cutting-edge sensor technology to measure and display

A Review of Casio Protrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor PRG-240-8DR PRG-240-8 PRG-240-8D Men’s Watch

People expect many features from there watch. Some of them get satisfied with their low feature watch and some do compromise. But now, we do not need to compromise since Casio has launched a multi-feature watch, this Casio Watch is especially for the people who demand for more. The specialty of this Casio Protrek is