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GMT: A cure to Jet lag, the decidedly modern ailment.

Avoiding time lapses Frequent travelers are immensely benefitted by GMT watches. They make you aware about the time at your next stop in another time zone; or, when to call your old buddy at the British Columbia. Keeping track of home time and destination time comes handy in maintaining communication with people who are in

Invicta HydroMax GMT: A big, thick slice of perfection served to your delight!

A beautiful, well-made watch; not too flashy, neither too-much bling It is obvious that something 52 mm across and standing 28 mm on your wrist will be immediately noticed; plus, you got to bear with 500 grams of weight! That is a very nice point to consider about this otherwise no-frills watch; there’s something different

GMT & World Time: For times when you are about to go places

Now that cell phones have become an integral part of almost everyone’s everyday way of life, many argue if a wrist watch is at all something that’s necessary to your life. Human history tells us that it has only been around for a small fraction of time; life existed before but it wasn’t the hectic,

Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT Automatic H32695731 Men’s Watch : Subtleties from a fun brand!

  The flow of things: Hamilton’s Jazzmaster series started inclined towards the ‘30s and ‘40s style, the kind associated with Swing, be-bop and the related festivities. Gradually, things moved into the hard-bop era of the late ‘50s and ‘60s to which, the Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT Automatic H32695731 Men’s Watch pertains. The first halt: The Hamilton

Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT: Tailor-made for the outdoor-ian

The Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT combines excellent dive watch traits to a true GMT complication! Whether you have an idea of what Kinetic movements are like or not, it’s not going to stop you from owning the Prospex Kinetic GMT. But know your stuff before you buy. The quartz/automatic hybrid mechanism uses an automatic rotor

GMT: A useful complication to any man

The New Year is just around the bend. Wishing friends and families living abroad often brings time-clashes; let it not happen this time. Those who already bought the GMT watch solved half the problem; the other half is about knowing how to put it into use. Earlier there have been posts on GMT watches but

A Review of Seiko Velatura Kinetic GMT Black Leather Strap SUN013P1 SUN013P SUN013

Seiko Velatura Kinetic Watch is the number one choice of the most demanding for watch lovers. This watch operates by kinetic movement. It is powered by the movement of the body. It allows the wearer to interact with it. The case of this watch is made up of Stainless Steel which is so hard. It

Seiko Velatura Kinetic GMT SUN011P1 SUN011P SUN011 Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Seiko Velatura Kinetic SUN011P1 is strong and masculine watch. As the case is featuring 51.40mm size including crown and without crown it sizes to 44.10mm. Seiko Velatura time piece is purely functional or works of art in its own right. The watch is equipped with a 24-hour hand and features an hour-hand independent adjustment function

Top 10 Zeppelin watch models to let you fly high in 2022

Introduction Today, we look at one of the most popular brands of Flieger watches of German origin. They are pretty much atypical of what we usually understand as Flieger or Pilot’s watches. They resemble more the instrument dials of the industrial steam-powered machinery.of the 19th-century. You’d be wrong to think that Saxon watch-making excellence is



In each of your esteemed opinions, the most horologically significant among outdoor watches or all-weather watches shall always differ from one another. Still, certain names seem to be perennial; the first one coming to the mind in this context is definitely the Casio G-Shock, followed by Garmin, Seiko and Citizen. Best outdoor watches they might be, but none of them are Swiss!