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Seiko Velatura Watches

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The Velatura is a marine watch collection celebrating the sport of sailing. Seiko has a special partnership with the 49er Association (which is the fastest of sailing classes in the Olympics). Seiko has also formed

collaboration with the 29erXX which is the fastest skiff class for women. Seiko is working with real professionals, the best in sailing, to design and produce the Velatura watches. Velatura watches are powered by either the Kinetic Direct Drive (cal. 5D44), or the Yachting Timer (cal. 7T84 ) or the Alarm Chronograph (cal. 7T62 ) or the 1/20 Chronograph (cal 7T92). Apart from features and functionality, Velatura watches are real head turners. The build is solid and material top-notch. Women's Velatura watches feature diamonds which adds to the charm. The whole series is a resounding success for Seiko. The Velatura range from Seiko is designed for marine use. But that just makes it tougher for normal use too. If you're afraid of getting water inside your expensive timepiece, the Velatura is a good way to relieve those fears. Seiko Velatura watches are famous for many reasons but the variety of hands' shapes is one of the most striking. Velatura designers obviously took an artistic approach in regard to the minutes and hours hands: each consists of two diamond-like shapes linked at the center of the watch by the axis. Seiko Velatura Men's and Ladies' differ in several significant design characteristics. Velatura Men's come almost strictly with black dials, on which various sub-dials and indicators appear with the help of white, red and blue colors. Velatura Ladies are available with white and pinkish faces, the latter employing mother-of-pearl.




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