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Sicura watches is a recognised brand by the Chamber of Commerce and is known by three different names - Montres Sicura S.A. Grenchenl; Sicura Uhren A.G. Grenchen and Sicura Watch Company Ltd. Grenchen – all

pointing to the same organisation. It also holds a connection with Breitling, which is, Sicura offered Breitling a practical solution to start over again when inflated Swiss Franc (due to the ‘cheap quartz’ revolution) killed the brand in 1979. The reason the Sicura brand stepped down later is it became aware of Breitling’s greater potential and appeal and Schneider decided to lead only the brand Breitling.
The founder, Ernest Schneider, was a pilot and micro-electronics specialist, who rolled all his knowledge and expertise into making the Sicura watches. Sicura thus has different models for different purposes.  This is why technical watches like the Sicura Jump-hour pieces or the Sicura diver watch came up; these are the two most sought after names in mens Sicura watch. Also, the vintage sicura watches. These Sicura watch 17 jewels are considered one of the best among Sicura mechanical and Sicura automatic watches range. If you want something still different, check out the solar-powered and the world-time models.
The upper-range Sicura watch shall inevitably have a nice coat-of-arms on its back despite being inexpensive than most offering the same quality and value. So look out for a Jupiter, a Mars or a Pluto chronograph or the Sicura jump-watch for sale; the popularity of these models run high.
Here is an entire array of the most popular Sicura watches for sale. From the Sicura jump hour watch to the vintage sicura watch models including Sicura ladies watch models, they return from time to time. Sometimes, even some rare, hard to find models from the Breitling era; you need to keep a watch.




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