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Smart or Simple – Who wins the game?

This again happens to be another futile attempt at covering the occasional – now a bit old – dire warnings of modern electronics sucking out the lifeblood off watch-crafting as we mostly know it today. If that’s a little hard to understand, it is the chewed-dry remnants of the smart versus classic watches debate.

The bemusement credits belong to the watch-enthusiast press. Tales of premonitions always sell, so making the usual watch industry face an approaching terrible crisis (at least fictitiously; through creative threats) coming from smart watches is all about networked information. There’s no denying the potential of smart watches to offer up everything from the usual and extending into more exotic data (like biometrics); it would be foolish to deny these certainly remarkable pieces of technology. They are a separate class with no clashes with the watches the way we know them. The collapse of the current watch-making concepts for smart watches are here – is absurd! Maybe a couple of hundred years from now, when we all are gone and none to mourn the demise!

It has been a mistaken assumption that smart watches will soon drive out the mechanicals from business. Did we look at the products the way they serve their purpose? They could never be same –like your clothes! You don’t wear gym or trekking outfit to weddings and award ceremonies; if you still want to look tech-savvy, there are quite a few marvellous complications to choose from the mechanical and quartz domains.

To be honest, this prediction on the forthcoming demise provokes conversation than imposing a serious opinion.  The smart watch’s technical advantage is an evolution from the multifunctional quartz and sometimes, mechanical watches. Digital watches (sometimes sensor-enabled) can provide more than time, date, month and year including world time, temperature, barometric pressure and compass. Stopwatch, alarms, countdown timers…the list is pretty long! The advent of quartz timekeeping, despite precipitating a crisis in traditional watch- making norms, but the industry learnt from it. Niche alternatives will always be at the low-end of luxury; a flat-out plutocratic statement! At the high-end, only arts and artists exist, far beyond the comprehension of programmed machines building components or assembling parts.

SBXA003_LRG.jpg (600×730)

From a different angle, some might question about wearing what fits your lifestyle. And there’s the answer! Every person in this world has a different lifestyle. So traditional watches shall also adorn the wrist of some like the smart watch will – to another crowd! If utility had been the only deciding factor, we wouldn’t have Lamborghini’s, Jaguars and Maserati-s or that Harley shining on the pavement. Combat boots would drive out John Lobb from business! That would be incredibly disruptive and destructive, my gut feeling says.

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Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?”

Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their question, de-fabricated, is – “What makes your watch so costly?”

Now, I never, ever claim to wear costly watches. Cost is relative; to a $50 watch wearer (A), $500 (C) might seem absurd; to someone wearing a $10,000 piece (B), a watch priced $500 will seem dirt-cheap. The truth here is: Both A and B are unable to perceive the finer sides of C! Clearly, there are many bones (read: features, functions and materials) to pick within the C bracket, which shall make understanding the problem easier.

Another dilemma that needs to be cleared no later: I’m NOT a VEGAN; neither VEGETARIAN! An absolutely harmless and unbiased explanation, that’s what I mean. I don’t intend to look down upon or promote societies that value wealth as the only pinnacle of success either. Displaying wealth through ownership of expensive items might just prove that you are rich but not necessarily your seriousness about what you own or how important you consider it to be. You need to understand your thing first, like with everything else.

What raises my eyebrows (I repeat, eye-brows; not blood pressure) is arguments are often held between two entirely different contexts. Clearly, the Chinese-make quartz a dozen a dollar doesn’t even equate to a $500 Seiko, Citizen or Orient, but still the question! Then again, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is just mentioning Swiss justifies it all! Even to the $50-user! Anything other than that very word triggers ignorant and simplistic arguments, ridiculing your internal clockwork and later, for an expensive fix.

Worse is facing a laughter from someone who pays twice (sometimes even more) as much for an inferior product and mocks the substantial. But that’s another story and draws us into a debate with philosophical thoughts that don’t exactly give us too many scopes to celebrate.

People with a socialistic bent of mind have been the most ardent in explaining the absurdity of such expensive watches when the majority of the people live in poverty. I want to draw their attention to them who are richer than I am. And them.

Okay, so back to cost. We narrowly escaped an argument about how one gets his money and the ways he will spend it.  Debating on the merits and demerits of the costly timekeeping devices is more encouraging and shall leave any corrupt ideas behind.

But not today. We are out of space and time due to all those high-minded societal arguments. But I guess there are many who place value on a well-made timepiece, with picks that are not overt, blatant display of riches. Hope to see them around. Soon.

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Tissot T-Race Touch: The race DNA is obvious!

As far as ana-digi complications go, none perhaps blends tech wizardry with fine esthetics as Citizen, but once in a blue moon, we also come across such wonders dedicated to a couple of specifics and that they do with utmost perfection. The Tissot Touch line grabs attention primarily because of that. The practical usefulness of the T-Touch multi-functionality is manifold.

H’ever, the Tissot T-Race Touch stands out due to its own merits and not just being a part of the line. Besides, it is also the cheapest watch from a reputed brand that’s rich in features and functions! That might sound little confusing but well, there doesn’t seem to be another way saying it. But first, we must go back to the Tissot T-Race and Tissot Racing-Touch.

For those who like owning best of both worlds, the T-Race Touch owns the best aspects from the Tissot T-Race and Tissot Racing-Touch and became arguably the most ultimate modern sports timepiece. Aesthetically, the Tissot T-Race Touch is inspired by the Tissot T-Race; technically, it’s the Tissot Racing-Touch functionalities stepped up more than few steps higher.

The use of a novel touch system in the T-Touch helps keeping its price low. Tissot’s thoughts on keeping up with the touchscreen-age and its electronics and its digital thinking culminated into these good-old analog-looking timepieces. Only that they show the really useful data in digital format so that you can avoid grave danger, especially where hundredths-of-a-second matters. It’s pretty important therefore, to maintain precision. Tissot T-Touch does that well.

There’s a total of 11 tactile functions in the Tissot T-Race Touch and they are literally at your fingertip. They include a chronograph that saves up to 99 lap times (total/split/lap); this helps to keep track of elapsed and remaining distances. The alarm, the dual-time, the tide calculator and the compass are the other functionalities it comes with, all activated by touching the sapphire crystal glass with an antireflective shield and tactile scratch resistance properties.

The Tissot T-Race Touch has a large, round and water-tight case (42.15mm wide and 13.45mm thick) , and you can take it to 300 feets underwater without worrying. At 88 grams, it’s also one of the lightest you’ll find among sports watches.

Its sleek, black and sporty dial houses a large LCD screen at the 6 o’clock position and underneath is the Swiss-made caliber E49.301 quartz movement. Among multi-function movements, this one ranks at the highest orders of precision and reliability and goes into the higher-end Tissot Touch models; even in the Tissot Racing-Touch and the T-Touch Classic.

Tissot offers the T-Race Touch loaded and with less metal to keep things light. Its twin, the Race Touch comes with a metal bezel and pushers and a silicone strap with clasp, but if you are to be at the wheels, lighter it is, the better. The T-Race Touch fits the bill in every way!

Gifting a watch? – Learn the basics!

Here’s a thought for old gentleman willing to get their grandsons a Christmas gift. Or graduation gifts, or simply a gift!

Among old-timers, this meant (and still, in some cases – means) something. To be fair, the younger generation too desire a good one; just bit scared to put down the money (surprisingly, this is not how they behave towards a smartphone). So, grandpa-s are great helps to make that happen.

Unless things are really bent out of shape, a grandpa shall stay very proud of the man his grandson is becoming. So he’ll always want to gift him something amazing and start him on his next adventures in life. The watch – in olden days – was the symbol of an able man, so it fits into the spot rightly. It’s good if grandpa knows about watches; if he knows little about them, it’s a concern. Doing right by the grandson is vital!

Most of you are inclined towards the classic watch – the way you always had it, but I find a second reason too. Classic styles stand the test of time and that’s proven. A heavily tech-laden watch might look outdated 20 years from now; a classic watch won’t.

On the other hand – A young man’s tastes and the way he wants to come across are vital and this is not a wild guess – Men must appear STRONG! So the vote goes for not-too-flashy, mechanical, sports watches. The generation gap comes in. But here, what we are trying is to find him a good match. For that, we will not hesitate to invade even the electro-mechanical zones!

The best way to settle this matter is creating a list comprising from both categories and this is what I find quite reasonable. These will fairly shape you up for further researches if the list falls short. You’ll know the lanes to go in and those you will not.

Obviously the first name that comes up is that of Seiko’s; they have built some of the best stuff around in the past few decades. Their watches come in two categories: the Classically entertaining and the Intellectually rich. That’s to say: The Premier and the Astron and these are what you will find in between. Whether your grandkid is the outgoing, sporty type or the regular in family gatherings or both, there’s one (or more) for him there!

Casio has some nice stuff to suit the athletic kind…the one actively into sports. Do not dis-esteem the name; it is not the cheap, digital watches you saw on the sidewalk!  The G-Shock will sweep you both (you and your grandson) off your feet, if you already haven’t seen one. They got kind of a specialistlook (and tools) and is a respectable, everyday watch in a large part of sportsdom and tactical job fields. Surely, most of them won’t go with a suit (except wet suits or some other pro-suits); for his team meets and out-of-station post-tournament formal assemblies, you might just consider the the T-Touch. It is also for him who wants to hold a regular job in future and spend weekends in the city! It’s the safest way to play, for it has the best of both worlds!


Dipping Low (In the Lap of Luxury)

No! It’s not what you think. The headline is a ZZTop number quoted. It comes in the Afterburner, a 1985 release. The next and the last from the album is Delirious – another mindblowing one but I’m sure none of us are going to get that hyper about taking his collection to new level – you should also listen to it sometime. Not that I’m asking you to hit the road right now, but generally  say, when you come across a music shop. Much like you see a watch in the Internet and visit a seller physically to hold and feel it.

The context of Dipping Low… is vastly different – don’t go by it – but things are kind of same with watches for the few holding clockwork mechanisms dearer to their heart. Art, too! And while I don’t claim myself a connoisseur (much less a watch connoisseur), I can’t help but admire silently a few of the affordable Swiss-makes that open doors towards deeper horological corridors.

But question remains: “Luxury, of what kind?” IMHO, there are three types to it: Luxury-luxury, functional luxury and exotic luxury. It’s a different story altogether that Japs create some stuff that are equally good (if not better) and sometimes with higher prices (the GS for example; next is Astron) in all the three categories, but assuming that you already been there, done that, you want to move on. Welcome to the Swiss side!

For starters, Tissot and Hamilton are just perfect! Both are from Swatch and good to get used to the feel bit different from before. Both are well-known for their unrivalled precision and reliability, so what’s the catch? Nothing much; for the American Spirit with a Swiss embodiment, choose Hamilton; to get everything Swiss, it’s Tissot. But well, Tissot does have more to attract the jet-set pack. Not every Hamilton is the Ventura Chrono.

So, now to the most obvious question: Given you are funding both, what will be my choice?

I’ll give the Khaki X-Wind Automatic any day an upper hand for I want to wear my luxury out in the wilds. Not that Tissot is built any less strong, but it’s more high-tech (the Tissot T-Touch Expert, for example) with advanced functionality, something more than I would want. And it looks sharper, something young executives need more than us old-timers. Hamiltons are heavier and more suitable for the 40+ crowd. You don’t wear a Jazzmaster or an Intra-Matic fresh out of college, you need to get salty for that. But hey, not the Jazzmaster Traveler GMT; it has the kind of a peppy look that just balances firmly on the edge of sobriety and merriment! Take a look and you won’t disagree either.

Tissot: The Touching timepieces

It’s been almost a decade and a half since Tissot T-Touch hit the market as the first wristwatch with a touch-screen LCD. There was no iPhone in the year 2000, so it was quite a sweet sensation to tech-lovers and over the years, it has evolved to keep watch-nerds smiling. Whatever your challenge may be, there’s one T-Touch for everyone. The nearest to the original, is however; the T-Touch II.

The T-Touch is the flagship watch of the Tissot sports line and still stays the same except for the earlier faulty movement. The new movement gave the T-Touch its venerable status. Its bold style remains unaltered.

Why, then, the T-Touch II? No, not because they wanted to mothball the old model; rather, they wanted to make it better without changing the original. The T-II looks a lot bolder for its larger LCD screen, fights water/humidity better and most importantly, there is a backlight! It comes with a larger number of options, too.

So, would you buy a T-Touch when you also have the T-II at hand? Personally, I think, it’s a great piece of history to wear; the T-Touch is one of the first wrist-computers built by a Swiss house. Though not as magical as the T-II with its alti-, baro- and thermometer and despite an absence of a hands-based compass function, it’s a cool gadget with a chunky look and does not come with horror stories.

Tissot took the next step when they combined their T-Race line with Touch; the T-Race Touch takes the best out of both and puts them in one package. Some of these are the dual time and date zones with alarms, tide schedules, lap and split chronograph functions, a compass and two timers. And it does all that without cluttering the dial and case with overabundant markings and buttons/pushers or devising labyrinthine operational procedures. Passing on to a desired mode is direct; there’s no need to cycle through every other mode to select one. IMHO, it’s not as overwhelming as some of the highly technical watches out there.

So that’s it! I’ll round-off things before hitting the finish mark. The entire T-Touch family is your partner in any game you’ll like it to be and shall prove to be your best sports buddy. Their smooth style offers ultimate comfort both on and off the sports arenas and their subtle demeanor helps them double up as regular work-wear. Staying in touch with the latest technology is bound to equip you from the core. Take off on any journey of your choice – high above or through the splendid oceans – as a modern adventurer eager to face higher challenges both in the wild and in the urban territories.

The Tissot Tale – What I like in them

So far, I’ve shunned Tissot finding them either too old-fashioned or excessively colorful. Not the vintage Tissot, though; but here I’ll be making a statement most watch-experts shall frown upon. My firmest belief – The SWATCH takeover gave Tissot at least a more contemporary look and attracted a whole new demographic. Earlier, Swiss meant either the finest in upper crust or something very much ultra-male – now, not all of us are like that. I might be a guy in funky clothing and still want to sport a tough, funky Swiss in a peppy color tone and definitely at a moderate price. I see nothing better than the Tissot T-Race Chronograph fitting in. 

It could be the grey spots craving colors – okay, if you doubt that, let’s see if Tissot is a trustable brand at all. I keep track (and copies) of watch-related news; I put it up from one of those:

Tissot, two-time winner of the International Timing Competition in the Classic – Enterprise category

The prizes of the International Timing Competition were awarded Thursday, October 24th [2013] at the Time Museum of Besançon, in the name of precision perfection and expertise in the watchmaking arena, specifically in the domain of contemporary mechanical timing. Tissot SA was already awarded first place in 2011 for the “Classic – Enterprise” category. This year, the brand proved itself again as an expert in its field by winning it once more, in addition to also receiving second place. [Read the full story here]

Now, Tissot certainly doesn’t dazzle with terms like co-axial, regulateur or double-tourbillon or whatsoever (let’s keep things short; we can discuss those technicalities some other time). T-Touch, on the other hand, sounds very soft – in fact, too soft even to make a moderately strong impression. But it controls all that are considered as tactile – compasses, barometers, altimeters, thermometers, speed and the likes. Or even Powermatic 80 automatic caliber; it doesn’t have the punch. Unless it sounds good, we are not interested.

However, those are more recent; among old examples, the 1950’s Visodate (this is how it looks now) and the 1970’s Tissot Astrolon (Caliber 2250) are good ones to look at. The Visodate integrated a date function to an automatic movement while the caliber 2250 was very much unconventional – the greater part of it was plastic. A great idea it was but timing was not right and poor marketing strategies made Tissot withdraw. But it’s still in use in the analog quartz clocks.

My personal choices among the new lot are the Tissot PRC 200 Quartz and the Tissot T-Sport V8 chronographs and given that I’m sort of a chronograph-freak, you may soon find me partying heartily on the occasion of a purchase.

Automatic Winding Watches – Technology from Years Ago

For many of us, it is remembering the little things in life that cause the most problem.  If you are one of those who constantly forget to either wind up or replace the battery in your wrist watch, you will know how frustrating these small lapses of memory can be.  Finding yourself in the middle of the day with a watch that is losing time or has stopped completely can be incredibly annoying.

Tissot Automatic Watch
Tissot Automatic Watch

So why not consider a watch with an automatic winding mechanism?  Swiss watch maker Tissot Watches has a full range of automatic mens watches and ladies watches which will prevent this annoying little problem from happening again.  These high quality watches gain the title of ‘automatic’ winding from a mechanism which winds the watch from the movement of the wearers’ arm. 

However, as much as we like to think that this technological age is responsible for most useful inventions, this automatic winding mechanism was fist invented for pocket watches in the late 1700’s.  This wonderful item could create enough ‘charge’ to power the watch for eight days with as little as fifteen minutes movement by the wearer.  That would certainly be classed as a ‘value for money’ item these days!

Self–winding wrist watches became popular after the end of the first World War when these timepieces themselves were out selling the old fashioned pocket watch.  These fabulous pieces of machinery could run for twelve hours, meaning that a fully wound watch would definitely remain working throughout the night.

Throughout the remainder of the 20th Century, watch makers continued to improve on the earlier automatic winding mechanisms until they evolved into the brilliant pieces of craftsmanship which they are today.

Just look at the beauty of the Tissot T-Sports Automatic Men’s Watch.  Featuring a classic brown leather strap and beautiful silver dial, this watch is suitable for any well dressed man.  The stainless steel case is only 8mm thick which is fabulously slim for an automatic watch.  It also features day and date display at the 3 ‘o’ clock mark ensuring you will always know exactly what day it is.

The Tissot range also features some brilliant chronograph automatic watches which are also water resistant to one hundred metres – a useful advantage in any watch.  Sporting stainless steel cases and bracelets these watches will become an accessory that will breed envy in your contemporaries and prove that you are a man with style.

Tissot T-Touch Watches – the mark of a man!

T Touch Watch
T Touch Watch

Newly introduced, the new Tissot T-Touch Classic is a watch that is guaranteed to make you stop whatever you are doing and gaze at it in sheer admiration of its beauty.

All T-Touch watches are absolutely high-tech. The ‘Classic’; well, that’s not just high-tech. Tissot has taken the T-Touch watch and dressed it up for an occasion and called it the ‘Classic’. It is a watch with brains that now has sheer elegance, appeal and beauty added to it.

Essentially, Tissot Watches took the Racing-Touch (introduced in 2011) gave it a mesmerizingly beautiful look. For sheer elegance, this has got to be the World’s most beautiful watch that a man can buy.

Unlike some watches out there that look like some kind of space tool that could launch and fly a rocket (and probably need a degree in rocket science to use it), the Tissot T-Touch is remarkably simple to use and engineered for any human to use with ease.

For those who do not own a Tissot T-touch watch yet, every Tissot T-touch watch is equipped with a pusher (usually located on the right side of the case). When you push the button, it “activates” the sapphire crystal and turns it into a touch screen (how cool is that?). You then press various areas to activate or adjust indicated functions that are listed around the periphery of the dial.

The pusher is required so that even if you touch the Sapphire crystal or it accidentally brushes against something, it does not activate some function on its own. The sensitivity of the Tissot T-touch touch screen watch requires this safety mechanism.

T-Touch watches come equipped with a main analog dial as well as a smaller digital one. The hands on the main dial readjust themselves to the function that is being performed. For example, the hands automatically rotate to resemble a compass needle when the watch is in compass mode.

Inside of the T-Touch Classic is an amazing Swiss quartz multi-function movement. It offers the time (analog and digital), compass, full calendar, tide chart, chronograph with split time and logbook, two alarms, two countdown timers and a second time zone. The main dial and the hour and minute hands do not have any florescent coating instead, the watch comes equipped with something even better – back lighting. Now if in the dark, you don’t have to turn the watch towards a light source for a better look at the time. The Tissot T-Touch Classic is human friendly to the extreme.

The Tissot T-Touch DNA is ingrained in the design of the lugs, bracelet, and the dials. Apart from fulfilling a very functional requirement, the pusher gives the T-Touch Classic a nice vintage look. Despite that fact that the Tissot T-Touch watch has so many functions, the dial is clean and uncluttered with only baton hour markers. The bracelet is a simple three-link design.

The T-Touch Classic case is all steel and is 42mm wide with a 20mm wide bracelet (for those who love leather, there is also a strap variant). The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Buying a Tissot T-Touch classic is like buying a Rolls Royce – you arrive in style. The technology and sheer elegance is breath taking. The Tissot T-touch classic watch is not just a watch – it’s a work of art.

Tissot T-Touch Watches

Tissot T-Touch Watches
Tissot T-Touch Watches

Tissot T-touch watches are known for the most amazing use of ultra-modern technology, functionality, toughness and beauty. Tissot T-touch watches offer highly specialized features and functionality at the fingertips of the wearer. These features and functions include an altimeter, chronograph, compass, alarm, thermometer, barometer, time and date – just about everything you would possible need while camping in the wild.

Features, Tough body, Functionality and Beauty

Gone are the days of drab watches. The makers of the Tissot T-touch watches believe that beauty should be part and parcel of the functionality of the watches they manufacture. With that in mind, Tissot T-touch watches come in a variety of colors and combinations.

The one unifying feature of the T-Touch Watches is their patented touch screen technology and the eight very practical and high-quality functions. So whether you love the Tissot T-touch watch with the polished titanium dial or the one with a unique 18k rose gold finish; they are all water resistant up to 30 meters. There is absolutely no compromise on quality of Tissot Watches. Perhaps, it for this reason that Tissot T-touch watches enjoy such a distinctive relationship with NASCAR.

Official timekeeper for NASCAR

NASCAR required timekeeping that was simply perfect. Despite a wide choice of top quality watch manufacturers, NASCAR chose Tissot and with good reason too. The Tissot NASCAR watch brings the exact level of precision necessary to qualify as a watch that can be worn by a sportsmen or sportswomen. The Tissot NASCAR watch features a bold chronograph that is amazingly accurate up to 1/100th of a second. The constant hand movement of the sportsperson required that the watch stay in one place on the wrist. To achieve this, Tissot NASCAR watch makes use of bold rubber wrist straps that could be matched to wearer’s favorite sports team. The Tissot NASCAR watch was available in titanium and stainless steel versions.

Tough Tissot T-touch watch for the Tracking Enthusiasts

A tracking enthusiast needs a watch that is build to last; one that can withstand sever shocks, excessive moisture, cold temperatures and maybe even a shallow water dive in some wild rapid. The Tissot T-touch tracking watch is all that and more. It sports a compass, thermometer, barometer and watch hands that glow well in the dark.

Tissot T-touch Expert – a watch for the Pros

Tissot T-touch Expert is a watch that was crafted to bring together taking into account the competitive nature of sports and the rugged elements of outdoor sports. The Tissot T-touch Expert is a watch that is deliberately extra-large in size. After all, if you are up in the mountains with your thick woolens, you need a large practical and functional watch and not a fancy one that you would have to squint at.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert is designed to be worn in tough locations – the kind of locations tough men go to. The Tissot T-touch Expert is designed for extreme conditions and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Each Tissot T-touch watch is highly resistant to corrosion and is extremely durable. The Sapphire crystal top is hard and can be scratched or cut only with a real diamond.

An Overview of Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot Analog-Digital T013.420.44.057.00 Mens Watch

Tissot watches have been the standard of pioneering and sophisticated Swiss watch design and technology since the company was founded in 1853. Stylistically they are an impeccable combination of fine taste, and an athletic and active lifestyle. This Tissot T-Touch T013.420.44.057.00 Men’s Watch is the fine example. This T Touch Watch is made from pure Titanium material. It can be a complimentary addition to a men’s wardrobe. It is a Sports watch.

This incredible timepiece is equipped with Sapphire crystal. This Tissot Watch runs by Quartz movement. The face of this watch is textured with Black Carbon and has many advanced features such as Digital display, Arabic Numerals, Perpetual Calendar and Luminous Hands and Hour Markers. The watch is water proof. So the water resistant of this watch is up to 100 meters. Tissot watches leave no doubt about the wearer’s outlook. Tissot watches will never go out of style because they are watch style itself. This Tissot Ttouch Mens watch is a chronograph watch. It is the best choice for sports lovers because it has Altimeter and Thermometer functions. Tissot T-Touch is a modern and elegant. Its standard feature is actually touch-screen technology. The user taps the touch sensitive sapphire crystal dial which has the name of the functions on the perimeter of the dial. This makes the watch amazing. The Case diameter of this watch is 44.50 mm. And the case thickness of the watch is 14.6 mm.

Click here for more details: T-Touch Watches

Some Important Features:

Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot Analog-Digital T013.420.44.057.00 Mens Watch
Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot Analog-Digital T013.420.44.057.00 Mens Watch

Titanium Case
Titanium Bracelet
Sport Watch
Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Quartz Tactile ETA 48.351
Digital display
Push Button Deployment
Black Carbon Dial
Arabic Numerals
Luminous Hands and Hour Markers
Perpetual Calendar
100 Meters Water Resistant

Case Diameter: 44.50 mm
Case Thickness: 14.6 mm

This watch is available for US $899.00 with us.
Click here for more details and to purchase it : Tissot Watches

A Review of Tissot T-Touch II T047.420.11.051.00 Men’s Watch

This Tissot T-Touch Men’s Watch is an innovative technology watch. It is preferred by men who want a trendy look. The Stainless steel case and bracelet looks so amazing. This stylish Men’s Watch has the adjustable bracelet with feature of Push Button Deployment Clasp. It is a wonderful timepiece. The working caliber of this watch is E48.311. This popular watch works in Quartz Movement. It means this type of watches run by electricity that comes from the battery. It is ultimate in sophisticated features. This awesome Tissot watch will never go out of style because this is watch style itself. And it will always show that the wearer has curiosity, energy, discernment, and an enterprising nature.

Tissot T-Touch T047.420.11.051.00 Men’s Watch is really an advanced watch. Its T-touch technology uses Tactile Sapphire Crystal to operate the watch. The T-Touch technology allows the user to touch various locations on the crystal watch dial to engage the particular feature. If you are looking for a multifunction technology watch with touch screen feature, this would be the best option. This Tissot Watch is beautifully structured with black dial with LCD display. The touch screen is a unique aspect in the watch, making it stand out in a crowd. This T Touch Watch also features with the alarm function. Watch is waterproof since it has a water resistance up to 100M. The Case diameter of this watch is 43mm and the case thickness of this watch is 14mm. Tissot watches are very popular. In addition to being fashionable, they are practical for a variety of uses.

Click here for more details: Tissot Watches

Some Important Features:

Tissot T-Touch II T047.420.11.051.00 Men's Watch
Tissot T-Touch II T047.420.11.051.00 Men's Watch

Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Caliber: E48.311
Quartz Movement
Black Dial
Tactile Sapphire Crystal
Touch screen Multi function technology
LCD display
Push Button Deployment Clasp
100M Water Resistant

Case Diameter: 43mm
Case Thickness: 14mm   223

This watch is available for US $645.00 with us.
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An Overview of Tissot T-Touch II Titanium T047.420.47.207.00 Men’s Watch

This Men’s Watch has a cool combination of analog and digital display. This watch is made by the world’s one of the leading watch manufacturing company Tissot Watches. Actually Tissot is a very well-respected Swiss Watch manufacturer. The case is made of light weight Titanium. With this Titanium the watch gets more durability and shining. It has rubber strap which gives good grip to the wrist. The advantage of rubber strap is its flexibility to fit the wrists of different sizes. Approximately the diameter of the case is 43mm. The Black Dial has a good pattern and its hands and hour markers are having Luminous. The dial is protected with Scratch Resistance Sapphire Crystal. This Sapphire Crystal gives this watch a nice look and durability.

This T-Touch Watch works on Quartz Movement which takes comparatively low maintenance than other mechanism watches. Quartz Movement is famous for its accuracy. The caliber of this watch is E48.311. It is possible to find the directions with the compass available on this watch. This could be useful while you are in trip of exploring new places. This watch can show you the temperature. This Tissot T-Touch is useful in sports since it has Chronograph. You can find the elapsed time with the chronograph function. This watch is also equipped with Altimeter and Alarm. This watch is useful while diving or swimming since the water resistant of this watch is very good. It has the ability to resist water up to 100 meters inside the water.

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Some Important Features:

Tissot T-Touch II Titanium T047.420.47.207.00 Men's Watch
Tissot T-Touch II Titanium T047.420.47.207.00 Mens Watch

Titanium Case
Rubber Band
Caliber: E48.311
Quartz Movement
Black Dial
Scratch Resistance Sapphire Crystal
Analog Digital Display
Arabic Numeral
Luminous Hands and Hour markers
100M Water Resistant

Approx. Case Diameter: 43mm
Approx. Case Thickness: 14mm

This watch is available for US $745.00 with us.

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