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Newsletter : Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

The Christmas Shopping season starts! Black Friday marks its starting. Take advantage of the deals we bring you this time; they apply in general and also on specific collections. For 200 specific watches, you get a flat 15% discount on the fixed price when you use the Coupon Code : BFSALE. and for others, an

The Jap-Swiss Camaraderie: Greater excitements ahead?

Barring a handful, today’s world is full of people who are unwilling to appreciate the mechanism inside a watch; instead, it is the ornate works with crystals and jewels put into the cases and on the dials that grab their attention. Sometimes, they do appreciate masterful craftsmanship like lacquer painting and layered metal construction; however,

Smart or Simple – Who wins the game?

This again happens to be another futile attempt at covering the occasional – now a bit old – dire warnings of modern electronics sucking out the lifeblood off watch-crafting as we mostly know it today. If that’s a little hard to understand, it is the chewed-dry remnants of the smart versus classic watches debate. The

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXI : Never tickle a ‘Seikopath’

Q. Hey Gonzo! I recently stumbled upon MAW and going through all your posts and answers to queries (I appreciate and sometimes…I’m impressed by the wit), I draw an entirely personal conclusion. I guess it’s high time you come up with a digest. That’s to say – Why isn’t there a recommendation for the best

Expensive watch wearing….revisited

Some of you who are kind enough to bear through the rumblings every week or twice often hold a grudge against Gonzo that he is averse to the use of plastics, circuit boards and batteries! True. If they belong to irresponsible, disposable watches. Else, he values them for almost the same reasons you value them

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their

Newsletter : Clearance Sale on Watches

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 This month’s clearance sale is on with an additional 10% off (on top of existing discounts of up to 75%) on 50 selected watches. With Free Worldwide shipping and Free DHL Express 2-4 days delivery to most countries! Use discount code CLEAR for an additional discount of 10% on these watches.

Ask Gonzo ’bout Watches – XXVIII

Q. Hey, Gonzo! I read a couple of your posts on Diesel. I got three Diesel-s but they are no way going with me to my first big job. I’m 25+, so I think it’s high time I calm down everything boldly-youthful, rebelliously-spirited and start wearing something that shows my real character. I’m sure this

Worthwhile Stuhrlings for Christmas

So we had Invicta-s and now, we have Stuhrling-s. This is sure to delight the bunch who are looking for an affordable way to go Swiss; much more affordable than Tissot-s and Hamilton-s. Surely enough, you do not hesitate even once wearing one of them when you are taking the public conveyance. If one breaks,

‘Graphs on the rise

It’s just our love for everything tech-oriented that draw us men to chronographs. The chronograph captures the essences of speed, machines and gauges, speed with technology, all of it in a single, strappable, wearable package. And while most of us wouldn’t hesistate trading their souls for a $100,000 retour-en-vol or a rattrapante chronograph, we will definitely

Armani Meccanico: Increased efficiency, enhanced precision – over the years.

Asked quite a while back if quartz-powered watches are my cuppa – today I like to answer that. If there’s one reason I’d like to make it my cuppa, that’s because they don’t need any care or adjustment within a given span. I can go without wearing one for many months and still not worry

Armani Swiss-made: Contemporary twists on age-old artistry

Emporio Armani has been known since its time of inception and this time, they bring striking good designs without flinching even a bit from the path of simplicity. Yet, they create exceptionally tasteful pieces that translate into timeless styles. To define their sophisticated aesthetics, the most probable logical explanation that can be given is Armani

Way to the Emporio Armani watches

We all know Emporio Armani has a high-end luxury product line backed by Giorgio Armani himself, so let’s not go blah-blah-blah. The Armani watches have all been to the prestigious, Milan fashion week over the years –again, that’s old news –  something tells it’s the wrong person assigned for this job. Being more of a