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Modern gems from Swiss-American collaboration

Not every watch embraces the fundamentals that brand it Swiss-made. No, not even many of those luxurious (well, they look so at least!) fashion watches built under Swiss collaboration but hear me out here! Only a few could achieve the world-class accessory despite belonging to another country and culture and in this regard, the Americans



Our last post spoke about the Club and the Eva, the two of the most popular collections from the Furla range. Today, we are going to take a look at the Giada. These watches are built on the Summer’s motifs and inspired by the vividness of the nature, bringing you that pop-glam touch. The Giada

Furla: An unknown face of women’s fashion accessories

With the global luxury accessories market gaining momentum over the past couple years, it has brought back some of the blockbuster brands that went hiding during its lackluster years.  They return with impressive, new designs and this proved to be quite a bit of a Cinderella story. The comeback is a successful one despite them

The Italian side to affordable luxury

It goes without saying that Gonzo is not particularly an Italian watch fan. He might like a Brioni suit to wear; he also would prefer an Alfa-Romeo to drive around in; but when it comes to wristwears, he prefers to go Jap or Swiss any given day. However, this time he wouldn’t deny his preference

Gonzo’s Chronograffiti: V

Gonzo’s Chronograffiti: V

In this post – unlike earlier ones – we will discuss how – over recent years – a few people complicated an invention and added to an already brilliant repertoire. TAG Heuer needs a mention in this regard before anybody.   There’s double the fun with everything in count of two – mainspring barrels, wheel

Look! It’s Lukia!

Seiko has this general impression of being traditional, functional pieces that don’t scream for attention. They are attractive enough for that. That holds true even for the simplest of the Seiko 5s! The Lukia doesn’t deviate too far! These mid-sized timepieces come in both metal bracelets and leather-strap versions and are noticeable for being charming

Morellato:  Preciousness with precision

Morellato:  Preciousness with precision

A watch doesn’t just mark time. It does much more than that; most importantly, it gives a fair idea about who you are and your preferences. It hits the subconscious! It’s not just a man’s thing anymore; who are usually happy with its utilitarian properties, build and material qualities. To men, ornamentation is purely technical.

Flashy looks, exposed guts

Gruesome! To us humans that is; for Pinhead or Butterball – in fact the entire army of the Cenobites – they would die to sport that look! But IMHO, there are not too many readers here with a true admiration for the Hellraiser series. But one thing I must say: If Cenobites wore watches; they

Furla: Full-figured, feminine forms

Full-figured, female-friendly forms

Furla, no doubt, is a fashion watch brand, the class of watches loved and abhorred equally for their varying degrees of quality. The good ones can be really, really good indeed; reliable, accurate – with movements that wouldn’t win any beauty award contest, but might just for their steadfast perseverance. Often they will use Hattori,

An announcement from Swatch!

An announcement from Swatch!

All these years of my obsession with watches never witnessed previously the Swatch Group letting the world know about their technical innovations until this month (Aug. 2018), where they announced about their soon to be released Nivachron balance springs! What about the mainspring, then? A mainspring powers the mechanical movement alright, but it is the

Does Gonzo approve of the Italian watch brands? – Team CW wonders

Luxury watches, to the most of us, do not go beyond the Swiss borders; only the truly horologically erudite glides into the French, English, German and Japanese realms and uncovers unprecedented pieces that stand ground on their own merits. Add to this list a republic in southern Europe, famous for its artworks and its luxury

Morellato: Exclusively Woman-isque

Newsleeter: Morellato: Exclusively Woman-isque

Few are there in the male-dominated world of horology who thought about creating pieces exclusively for women. Morellato banged the nail right on the head. Today, the wonderful collection of Morellato watches show that they are in business and the business is good! The most impressive collection – arguably – from Morellato is definitely the

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Greek mythology portrays Gaia as Earth. Some believe that she is the Goddess/spiritual embodiment of the earth. And thus, the Morellato Gaia exhibits itself for different moods. The connection is clear. The down-to-earth designs of the Gaia collection represents the carefree, gritty yet chic women who like to dress as their emotions go. Tenderness and

Magic of the Maestro [Pt. I]


About RW: Raymond Weil , Geneve, is one of the few remaining independent, family-owned operations in the Swiss watch industry, starting in 1976. It’s around 42 years old now. RW Maestro: In their compositions Complexity is integral to mechanical devices, a nasty evil. Efforts always remain towards curbing- if possible, eliminating – them, but the

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