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Gonzo and his grumblings – I

Better versions to some of the bests There’s nothing that probably beats the Swiss! That’s how the world goes. You can’t blame anyone for that. Bigotry has been a longstanding tradition among humans. Even watches were (and are) not spared! End result: You end up denying many other fantastic pieces equal to their European cousins.

Disc-y time: The Nixon Rotolog

Inexpensive is not a cheap, off-the-shelf watch with a Chinese quartz movement inside a gaudy, roughly-finished case and badly done details. But what do you call a well made watch that doesn’t follow the normal parameters; made from quality materials and doesn’t cost a bomb? Gonzo asked us that question after the Rotolog showed up

Newsletter : Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver’s Watches on Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

  From reliability to style to rock-hard durability, the Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver’s watches demonstrate the brand’s prowess in creating irresistible, light-powered dive watches that are impossible to be mistaken for any other. Creationwatches bring you a fabulous chance to make the best of the breed your own at an extra 8% price cut on

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  The perfect style for any occasion got even cheaper! With an additional 8% discount on the regular Michael Kors watch prices, you can go whole hog on the models that enticed you so far. Just use the Coupon Code: MKORS to grab all the MK models you had in mind so far, at further

Seiko Prospex Giugiaro Design Diver Scuba Limited Edition: Watch the design change!

It’s tough answering why the Japanese watchmaker decided introducing the design in pro-grade watches. We can only guess it to be a memoir of a celebration; of the instance Italian atelier met the Jap tech-giant. The off-centered wristwatches are a fresh new offering that really doesn’t look like a million others! Most of all, the

Newsletter : Tag Heuer Watches On Sale – Discount coupon inside!!!

Not just avant-garde technology, TAG Heuer watches combine prestige and performance together to create absolute luxury that’s both reliable and affordable. TAG watches are always ready to face challenges and crave to be pushed past. The high levels of Swiss precision and performance is now available for an extra 6% discount with Coupon Code: TAGHEUER,

The Jap-Swiss Camaraderie: Greater excitements ahead?

Barring a handful, today’s world is full of people who are unwilling to appreciate the mechanism inside a watch; instead, it is the ornate works with crystals and jewels put into the cases and on the dials that grab their attention. Sometimes, they do appreciate masterful craftsmanship like lacquer painting and layered metal construction; however,

Newsletter : Skagen Watches On Sale – Additional 10% discount code inside!!!

We bring you both Men’s and Women’s Skagen watches on sale with the most sought after features like mesh bracelets, slimline designs and Titanium as the basic building material. Welcome to a vast array of timeless, purposeful and new-world designs that will entice the futuristic, urban mindset. Simplify your experience with an additional 10% discount

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What a great way for some super savings! We wanted you to have some real good fun while shopping, so we brought you extra price slashes on the already lowered prices on the watches in our roster. How much you ask? Well, we decided to cut the prices down by an extra 5% when you

Newsletter : Seiko Prospex Solar Diver’s 200M Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

  Those who craved for large, stainless steel watches that are virtually indestructible on land, in water and up above for less shall find the Seiko Prospex Solar Diver’s 200M Watches (SNE435P1, SNE437P1, SNE439P1, SNE441P1, SNE451P1) an absolutely fascinating range to go for! Not just built as tough as a rock, they have also been

Newsletter : Seiko Prospex Automatic Watches OnSale – Additional 10% discount code inside!!!

The Prospex line is Seiko’s family of entry and mid-level dive-watches. There are both round and cushion-shaped cases available depending on the model. The Prospex automatic range is an example of honest, practical watch-making; creating durable products at a price that’s in league of the most. Some of these have already reached the classics category

Newsletter : Popular Sold Out Watches – Now Back In Stock!!!

  We get many questions about products that got sold out formerly and we keep constant watch on those desired and asked for. It fills up the void. We found many who missed out on previous models and appreciate the Back in Stock option as a means to get their hands on one. Back in

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The sale of renowned and popular urban style fashion watches returns again to make an innovative, international lifestyle your own at a further price slash with an additional 10% discount. Use the Coupon Code: DIESEL, when you check out and the extra discount shall be applied on the already discounted price. Stand up for individuality

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Up for grab are a collection of bold, fun and exciting Orient watches at a 8% additional discount on the regular prices that are offered at Creation Watches. Apply the Coupon Code: ORIENT; doesn’t matter if you are eyeing a chunky piece, a square one or a super slim piece. All of them are equally

Newsletter : Vintage Boom Again – Seiko “Turtle” Prospex Diver’s watches on Sale Discount Coupon inside!!!

The Seiko Turtle is an accessible yet substantial watch but without the need for deep pockets. It gets even cheaper with an additional 10% above half the actual price. Use Coupon Code: TURTLE on specific models; the Japan made models are the SRP773J1, SRP775J1, SRP777J1 and SRP779J1. Other models that enjoy this benefit are the