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Pro-Trek returns bigger and better

The 3500 line showed up first at BaselWorld 2015, March and is essentially the PRW 3000 getting a step ahead; the Pro-Trek PRW-3500 now steps out of the stable to set on for bigger, badder and better adventures! Sorry if that sounded too poetic or overwhelmed, but the new ProTrek is going to sweep you

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It’s beater if you can’t grind it into dust

So where were we? Okay, I remember – Worthiness! Worthiness, IMHO, is 85% about keeping it up. That makes the watches on the wrists of fighting forces worldwide truly worthy. These can take abuse a lot; do a lot and no greater place for the beater to prove itself! A beater in a battlefield and

Pickin’ watches: Should you let your significant other choose?

Caring about what others think of – to a certain extent – is neither diffidence, nor naivety. It’s perfectly human, admit it or not. Extents; however, may vary and that draws the line between normalcy and diffidence and naivety. That’s the scene with almost everything – SUV-s, cell phones, clothes….even the weapons of choice. I

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G-Shock Frogman: Dive to worry-free wearing

Watch wearing habits and the name of Casio are no stranger to each other; most of us got Casio as their first high-school watch. The trend still continues; only the products got much better. The somewhat tough Casio digital watches emerged as the Casio G-Shock, symbolizing toughness rivaled by none! No other watch maker till

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G-Shock Hybrid Atomic unites two different schools

This year, 2014, saw yet another Casio release. Calling it known names (technologically interesting etc.) shall not be enough. The G-Shock GPW1000 watches are made to sync with atomic clocks and GPS satellites alike, erasing the chances of wrong calibrations unless you screw it up badly. Fear not, G-Shocks don’t give it up that easy;

ASK Gonzo about watches – XVIII

Does Gonzo approve battery-quartz? Q. Hi Gonzo! I recently found out about the Casio quartzes that look like heroes and gunmen. I’m quite a bit in love with a comparatively newer intros from the junior-most Jap-giant but I’m afraid you’ll turnip your nose away from it. Yes, it’s not solar so battery changes are pretty much

Gonzo belts a flakey dido!

Our friend Gonzo often picks on me when on a normal off-day I enjoy wearing my G-Shocks and Edifices (Heaven knows I don’t own an inventory; just four of them, together); this time he asked if I’m two-timing with the high school cutie pie down the road who kind of digs gadgets. A harmless question,