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Orient M-Force AC0L: End of a hiatus

M-Force: The strength that stays Think a big, beefy diver with a great, unusual look and tons of practical usability and there are many to choose from. Think a big, beefy diver with a great, unusual look and tons of practical usability at a practical price; the Orient M-Force has no match! You’ll love wearing

Oris: Subtle, powerful, evolved.

Chances are that you never heard much about Oris. This Swiss brand of watches caught public eye by large with its Diver’s Sixty-Five. It played with vintage inspired themes and secured Oris’ position among serious divers’ watches. The lineup carried a large number of variations, each with a high aesthetic appeal. It’s considered to be one of the best diver’s watches in the world. Oris, today; is a brand that professional divers trust blindly.

Mother’s Day ideas: Beyond flowers, chocolates and family dinners

A great Mother’s Day idea is something to accompany her year round. Watches fit just right! Mother’s Day is happy time for the fortunate who received motherly love from anyone; not just from the lady who bore you in its literal sense. Or, it could be about anyone whose motherly instincts you admire. It’s about

Modern gems from Swiss-American collaboration

Not every watch embraces the fundamentals that brand it Swiss-made. No, not even many of those luxurious (well, they look so at least!) fashion watches built under Swiss collaboration but hear me out here! Only a few could achieve the world-class accessory despite belonging to another country and culture and in this regard, the Americans



Our last post spoke about the Club and the Eva, the two of the most popular collections from the Furla range. Today, we are going to take a look at the Giada. These watches are built on the Summer’s motifs and inspired by the vividness of the nature, bringing you that pop-glam touch. The Giada

Furla: An unknown face of women’s fashion accessories

With the global luxury accessories market gaining momentum over the past couple years, it has brought back some of the blockbuster brands that went hiding during its lackluster years.  They return with impressive, new designs and this proved to be quite a bit of a Cinderella story. The comeback is a successful one despite them

Flying high in yesteryear’s sky-scape!

Fly high in the sky-scapes of yore!

Worthy of a price at least double of what they come for, the Zeppelin watches (from PointTEC group) are an extremely well-built lot, exhibiting a high-grade finish and construction. They deny the general mindset of German products being stocky and bland; with being all-utilitarian and scoring real low on aesthetics. Unless you are blindfolded, you

Casio Edifice wins the game again!

Casio has been belting out real surprises for its Edifice line for quite some time. These refined cousins of their G-Shock lineup made possible wearing tech with your everyday clothes without being blatant about it. That’s what is most likeable about the Edifices and with their EQS line-up; things definitely turn a whole lot rosier.

Look! It’s Lukia!

Seiko has this general impression of being traditional, functional pieces that don’t scream for attention. They are attractive enough for that. That holds true even for the simplest of the Seiko 5s! The Lukia doesn’t deviate too far! These mid-sized timepieces come in both metal bracelets and leather-strap versions and are noticeable for being charming

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Greek mythology portrays Gaia as Earth. Some believe that she is the Goddess/spiritual embodiment of the earth. And thus, the Morellato Gaia exhibits itself for different moods. The connection is clear. The down-to-earth designs of the Gaia collection represents the carefree, gritty yet chic women who like to dress as their emotions go. Tenderness and

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronographs: Sequels are not always a bad thing

It’s unique! Omega’s maritime legacy shines brighter through the new Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronographs. The current Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series is the first chronographs ever from the brand to be certified as Master Chronometers. Back in 2015 The Globemaster is Omega’s first to earn the Master Chronometer title. Omega further approached METAS (The Swiss

Watch those hands: Know the vocabulary of watch-making to choose easy (Part I)

The mode of reading time from the watch is an individual preference. Digital and jump-hour watches show it straight through the numbers; the analogs with hands pointing to the numbers on the dial*. Our discussion centers upon those pointers – to be precise – it is about the various shapes they come in. (*There are

Orient Sports Automatic Diver’s 200M Power Reserve Japan Made RA-EL0003B00B Men’s Watch| Go beyond the solid looks

Long story short: With the Orient Sports Automatic Diver’s 200M Power Reserve series, Orient has succeeded big time in putting together some very decent watches with a reliable movement. The problem is… There are actually very few watches that you can fall for without knowing anything about the brand. And an answer to that is…

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZG15: In the Upper Echelons of Entry-Level Automatics

Seiko’s reputation of entry-level automatics matches that with the Glock and its SNZG series of Seiko 5 Sports Automatics match up to that of the good old Glock 17’s stellar reputation. Both combine excellent style to robust durability, accuracy and reliability under the most demanding situations. Just like Glock, Seiko introduced some innovative features in