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Helping to choose your watch better

Watches bring a fascinating array of functionalities through carefully constructed complications, each unique in its own way. So you must know what means what in the watch market; else, you might cheat yourself off a good buy. 1. Audible Alarm – Alarm functions in expensive watches. They ring both by default and user-set patterns. A

A useful trio: Rugged timepieces for Mr. Hardy

Adventure plans need watches as ambitious as its wearer and toughness is a determinant. That kind of describes the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk Radio Controlled EcoDrive for $399. The Jap-built (in aviation-grade 316 stainless steel housing) results an exceptionally tough watch without compromising the style. The SkyHawk suits multiple professions, activities and environments (even some of

Some chronographs worth a look

It is kind of fascinating how Egyptian Sundials transformed into highest technical (and technological) wonders that pack together machines, gauges, speed and technology. Wearing a piece of such fine display of engineering skills and craftsmanship blended to unique esthetics is a mark of the wearer’s confidence against complications. Ubiquitous cell phones (or similar gadgets) definitely

Blowout sales: A definitive guide

Checking the combination of materials, technology and craftsmanship is far more important than choosing functionalities and extra gimmicks, especially from blowout sales which often try to move stuff that are not moving otherwise. For larger and reputed sellers, it’s the not-so-hot style issues that are put up; small timers often try pushing the faulty. A

When to choose the Citizen?

The question eithermakes me sound like someone without even a speck of knowledge about worldly affairs; worse, a boor without any preference or a fool lacking direction where to put his money in. But all that aside, I certainly believe every person has his own set of theories to speak about and it’s not at all

Watch Choices For The Busy Executive

Before you start reading this piece, you must know that the watch, today, holds little value as an instrument to keep time; the most important reason behind someone buying a watch is the branding, the glamour and the image that stays associated. It shows what you are capable of investing and with how much accuracy.