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Radiomir, Luminor – sort of an evolution and morphing into each other: The Mir-Marina song!

Greetings, dear readers! Queries poured in ever since the last post went up and more are asking me to be more elaborate about the differences that Radiomir and Luminor bear. Well; but how about relating the Luminor to the Radiomir instead? Those who have read Gonzo’s posts so far are no stranger to the fact

Choosing between the cult products: Radiomir and Luminor Marina

This post is to answer someone’s question about which one is better – the Radiomir or the Luminor Marina? Now, I don’t quite grasp it why people want Gonzo to be judgmental. I do take pleasure in picking out the plus points of things while staying candid about stuff I don’t find making much sense.

Watch those hands: Know the vocabulary of watch-making to choose easy (Part I)

The mode of reading time from the watch is an individual preference. Digital and jump-hour watches show it straight through the numbers; the analogs with hands pointing to the numbers on the dial*. Our discussion centers upon those pointers – to be precise – it is about the various shapes they come in. (*There are