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Citizen Axiom: Got nothing to prove


Once again, Citizen exceeds our expectations and brings some nice watches that shine bright and will do so for many years to come ! Logic claims axiom to be something that’s self-evident, without needing any approval for its merits. Looks here do not matter, but its presence is surely an advantage. The Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive

Disc-y time: The Nixon Rotolog

Inexpensive is not a cheap, off-the-shelf watch with a Chinese quartz movement inside a gaudy, roughly-finished case and badly done details. But what do you call a well made watch that doesn’t follow the normal parameters; made from quality materials and doesn’t cost a bomb? Gonzo asked us that question after the Rotolog showed up

Nixon Unit: Solid, simple and straightforward

Don’t be surprised to know that the Nixon Unit is becoming the best selling watch here at Creation Watches.  If you want to get your hands on one, you’d better hurry. Gonzo became a watch guy when he was a tween no more. Part necessity, part his lifestyle – as he claimed – his only

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic: Past sheds its skin

Rubber and titanium puts together the Frogman again and the iconic submersible watch from the 1951 movie The Frogmen is back to life! With roots in its military reputation dating back to the World Wars, Hamilton is equipping the American military since 1892. The new Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic watches are sportier, more rugged

The Jap-Swiss Camaraderie: Greater excitements ahead?

Barring a handful, today’s world is full of people who are unwilling to appreciate the mechanism inside a watch; instead, it is the ornate works with crystals and jewels put into the cases and on the dials that grab their attention. Sometimes, they do appreciate masterful craftsmanship like lacquer painting and layered metal construction; however,

5 vs. 7

Just when Gonzo was about to go another round about his much coveted Seiko 5 the other day; he suddenly jolted to the 7. Japanese watch manufacturers seem to have hots for odd numbers…. Orient uses 3, Seiko uses Five; Citizen uses Eagle Seven. The Japanese arch-rivalry in the entry-level, mechanical watch-market is old. All

Citizen Promaster SkyHawk – The Titanium editions take flight

Surprises come in all colours, shapes and sizes but dimensions can’t be the sole criteria that determine magnitude. That’s what you are going to feel while holding the Citizen Promaster Sky Pilot Titanium and that feel shall linger on further, compelling you to nail it before someone else does. Let’s start with the look. Those

Luminox – Impressive Toughness

Whether the Luminox is an entry level watch or not is subjected to countless heated arguments and debates and frankly speaking, neither do we have the time or the space to dedicate to prolonged ramblings. Instead, let’s jot down a few points and decide ourselves its stance. But then again, the concept of being entry

Longines Elegance: Grace and sensuality

The market is becoming increasingly interested in mechanical, automatic watches again. Today’s mechanical movements have met better technical excellence; old technology built with new technical help constructs a fresh spirit in their working principles. Traditional watch making now have become high-tech and it reflects by the sales. Longines started selling more and more mechanical timekeepers

Calibre 9S86 in something very elegant, robust and traditional

Whoever has known about Seiko’s earlier high-beat watches must also know a thing or two about the Calibre 9S85; its superior accuracy came with an enhanced resistance to external shocks. So, when Seiko stepped up a level introducing the Calibre 9S86, you can pretty well anticipate their glee! The difference this time was an incorporated

Prospex soars higher with the most desirable combinations

For quite some time, watch nerds all over the world were wondering if it’s at all possible to get everything within a single package. By everything, they meant radio-sync, solar-powered movement, world-time, chronograph and a whiz wheel, which is a rotary slide rule bezel to allow easy calculations and conversions. They can be distance, fuel

The Fossil Nate 1520 Ana-Digi: It’s all about making impressions

Very few watches are actually capable enough to draw attention from newbie-s and veterans alike; even if they do, you can’t expect them to be at a comfortable price range. Well, let’s say you couldn’t; for now, something sleek yet serious is ready to storm the stage. From the house of Fossil comes the very

Invicta Russian Diver: For good times, for bad times

Diver watches that can be used; not babied! That immediately brings into mind the name Seiko but well, today we are speaking not about the Japs; but Swiss. And Swiss that gives the Jap giant a tough competition on the money front. We are talking about Invicta. For a long time, Invicta has studied, designed

Invicta Specialty Chronograph Quartz 6621 Men’s Watch: An adorable wrist-clock from Invicta!

The ‘clock’ emblem is given to this Invicta is because it borrows its design cues from the retro clocks. They are quite good at making bold statements and this time also, they fare well. Their expertise in creating intricate details and designs manifests through the personifications of gallant structures. Invicta’s commendable hold on the fine