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Radio Control: Bring accurate timing readily under your control

Many among us are not comfortable with the watches that sync to radio signals. We, the urban men, usually stay amidst too many obstructions and hurdles than to invite home another to bother us. Imagine buying a watch in this category and then finding out it doesn’t work with the atomic signal available at where

RC & GPS watches: Too accurate to be true (but they are)

Q. Gonzo! This is the second time I’m writing to you. My question is a rather simple one: Radio-controlled or GPS? IMHO, a GPS would be inherently better for its surer reception. I want to settle this before the money runs out; I’m an impulse buyer and I’m afraid that I might again put my

Gonzo’s simple solutions to a modern-day problem

Q. Hello Gonzo. Teacher here; working under a large educational institute. My wants are simple. You got anything that you might think look good upon someone who finds jeans and t-s a disturbing trend as teaching attires? Many among my brethren do. I pity them for missing another excuse to wear a nice watch at

Choosing the right ‘Dress’ to complement your formal wear

Nice, modern dress watches are in abundance today. Leave the big brands aside; even small scale producers are eager to make you feel the taste for classicism and finery; vintage and everything else that go with a nice suit or a tuxedo. The Dress tones: Singly or in combos There’s an abundance of white metals

Promaster: The Citizen Cult Classics

It’s very easy to forget absolutely good watches amidst a plethora of brands chest-thumping. The Promasters are one such group that goes largely overlooked unless you are a professional with an eye for a proper tool meant for the field. Along the days as one’s collection grows, at some point he (or she) grabs an

Valentine’s Day: Last -minute suggestions (for the forgetful and not-so-forgetful)

Whether it’s a longstanding relationship or it’s been awhile dating or you are going to start one anew; spoil your man or woman of choice even after the V-Day is over. There is a vast range of watches – from the luxe to the hardcore practical because sometimes, a thing of need makes for the

A diverse array of affordable Divers’!

“Being short-sighted is discriminating watches according to the size of your wallet. Get over it and climb down off your high horses.” Their mere looks are enough for you to draw a judgment about them being as ugly as hammered sin and that too, on a cardboard platter when it comes to picking your daily

The middle-price point sensibilities

It’s interesting – entertaining too – choosing something substantial in a completely arbitrary manner, from a vast ocean of models covering the base of the watch market. Being selective here means having to leave something out; that means, you have to think a bit more carefully. What to leave out and what to include is

Watch-buying bewilderment: How to deal with it

 Is there anything called a stupid question? None, as far as I guess but well; some tend to get very close. “Why polished stainless steel shines in Sunlight?” – is a good example of a question nearing the stupidity border and there are several others lying dormant in some online forum or the other and

Square-in in 2020!

To be honest, many of you find my column more irritating than entertaining and let’s face it – It’s greatly due to the fact Gonzo’s outlooks often do not match the rest. Few decide to walk his path and those who did, found something unusual waiting down the path. Some found them interesting, some did

Citizen goes Bauhaus: A structured approach to formal watches

Bauhaus: The house of structure. This school of fine arts and designs’ working tenet was form following function. Anything unnecessary and superfluous got no place in the final product. Type: German styled architecture. Founder: Walter Gropius, 1918.   Existence: 1919 – 1933, Germany. Some watch design concepts were never meant to be the shy types. That kept

This time, it is not about showing off an automatic, mechanical caliber

Glass backs and skeleton mechanisms aside, what astonishes me every now and then is many among you who are always eyeing to bag a stylish, reliable and low-maintenance timepiece often overlook absolutely fine quartz timepieces and put the entire importance upon mechanical ones. Yes, no watch collection is complete without a significant mechanical watch but

The Moot: Dive watches this time

A good thing about diver watches is you don’t have to try hard to point one out. They look their part; robust and totally unpretentious. At most, they’ll wear a dress appeal. Even if you are not actually putting them to work due to this, you’d still love to make them a part of your

Carbon: A watchmaker’s recent ideal savoir-faire

2017 onward, the large watch brands have invested after finding something exotic for their watch cases. Surgical steel and titanium lost their exclusive charm over the run and we can already see the resin fad washing away. Smart money is now being placed on carbon technology. A new wave of composites has started flooding slowly

Least looked-at factor gets intensely interesting!

A date function is something that doesn’t get much light despite its usefulness in daily life. Not too many people take into account the small cutout on the dial at 3 or 4; maybe 6 and very rarely, at 12 while making a purchase. Sub-dials; however, get noticed a lot and are often big determinants