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Gonzo’s guide to the Citizen Eco-Drive – Part I

Those with towering anticipations on Gonzo going to pick the best 5 or 10 from Citizen’s Eco Drive lot shall be a bit disappointed, for this is not about the jewels in the Eco-Drive collection, but a concise presentation on why Eco-Drive is a sane and sensible choice, unlike some people – with unjustified bigotry

Sybaritic Horologe: Look who’s talking!

  Luxury watches were never quite my thing. The Casio G-Shock Atomic Sky Cockpit did just fine till Gonzo joined the team. The first few months he had been a real pain and posted quite a few of his opinions under my account; got no time to put them where they should belong. So, if

The Beater Watch means Built to Take an Abuse

A couple of days back, a query came from within the family circle. It was about the term beater watch; the questioner surely felt perplexed with the idea that he landed up with the wrong choice before he sent forth his question. It was a purchase from a brick-and-mortar watch retailer with few ill-informed staff

Altichron Cirrus: It’s T-Time

Momentary Lapse of Season: Showered in Floyd-ian thoughts Many a times I’ve faced discernment and criticism and confronting critical eyes is not something very rare in the close circuit. If you must, call it flattery but you can never say that Gonzo had been unfair! Calling names (standard-bearer, gatekeeper and a few more other bittersweet

W’atcha the type that suits you best?

Automatics or light-powered quartzes – well, let’s admit there are the best and the worst from the categories and auto- and mecaquartz, the categories in between; I hold appreciation for only the best. There’s enough bigotry in this world; let’s not add more to it. Every reasonable, logical and rational human approach towards 10 or

Newsletter : Christmas Day sale on Watches: Additional discount of 5% on ALL Watches!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Christmas Day sale is on! We have an additional discount of 5% on ALL watches on This is on top of the usual 30-70% discounts! With Free Worldwide Shipping and Free DHL Express 2-3 days delivery to most countries! Enter code XMAS5 in the “Comments/Instructions/Codes (Optional):” section while checking out

Newsletter : Additional 8% discount on Watches for Cyber Monday Deals Week!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Cyber Monday is over but the Cyber Moday Deals Week is still on! We have 200+ watches on sale with an additional 8% off (on top of existing 40-70% discounts!). With Free Shipping Worldwide (and Free DHL/FedEx 2-5 days delivery to most countries!) So if you still have not finished your

Newsletter : Citizen Watches Sale: Up to 80% Off on Men’s and Women’s watches!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 The holiday shopping season is here! This week we have on sale some fantastic Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s and Women’s watches at hard to believe prices. There are discounts of up to 80% off and with Free Worldwide Shipping (Free DHL Express Shipping to most countries!) as always! We have selected 50

Newsletter : Blowout Sale on 50+ Watches! Up to 65% off!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 This month’s blowout sale is here. We have a further discount of 5% on 50 selected watches while stocks last. This is probably the best price anywhere for these watches. And with free Worldwide shipping with free DHL/FedEx Express shipping to most countries. Check out the sale here: Blowout sale on

Newsletter : Citizen Largo Eco Drive Chronograph Watches on Sale!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 US$ 140 : Citizen Largo Eco Drive Chronograph Watch On promotion this week are 3 unique Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Watches from the Citizen Largo Collection. With more than 65% off the retail prices, these are available with us from only US $140 with Free Worldwide Shipping (and free DHL Express shipping

Newsletter : 60% off on Citizen Super Titanium Sapphire 100m Ladies Watches!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Super Titanium Sapphire Crystal 100m Ladies Watch Holiday shopping season is just around the corner and while most people wait for deals in November/December the savvy ones know that there are some excellent sales starting right about now. We have one for you today: we have 2 excellent Citizen Women’s watches

Gadget watches – Is the term interchangeable with Sports?

Certainly, it’s not my cup of tea; I’m just giving in to the pressure these blokes are creating. Digital or gadget watches are never my subject though it didn’t stop me from owning a few I really, really like. But here the team wants my two-cents on purely digital watches and I know why suddenly

ASK Gonzo about watches – XVI

Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How bad your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is later to be found  out but it will work out a fair bit towards your illumination. 

Newsletter : Only $199 : Citizen Super Titanium Chronograph Eco Drive Watch on Sale!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Click for details You just cannot miss this week’s sale. We have a fantastic watch on sale – the Citizen Super Titanium Eco Drive Chronograph CA0021-53A for only $199! The material (Titanium) and the movement (eco-drive) form a super combo for an enhanced longevity. After spending years in research Citizen finally developed the Super Titanium material

Joys from the Jap giants

Something particularly remarkable in higher-end Japanase watches is they never make you feel out of place. No, this ain’t coming out of the mouth of a die-hard Jap watch collector but it’s something the watch-nerds all over the world agree. Now, I hear the question coming: What do I mean by higher end Japanese watches?