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Newsletter : New Seiko Prospex Diver Watches on Sale! Limited Quantity!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Seiko Prospex Diver watches on Sale We have just added some fanstastic Prospex watches from Seiko to our collection. The Seiko Prospex collection is well known for its quality, craftmanship and just sheer value for money when it comes to top-notch timepieces. All this while this range was limited to the

Seiko Map Meter – Not for the seas

Yes, it’s quite disheartening to some but that’s how it is. You cannot have everything in one package, so whatever little you get, you must get it good. The MM does it wonderfully, as wonderfully as swapping between metal bracelets and nylon bands. Given it is big and thick (and therefore, stands out on the

Inexpensive, deep-trip survivors

Something I have often noticed in dive watch lovers, they always boast about how deep their watches can go. It feels juvenile at times; maybe you are wearing an expensive dive watch with 1,000-meter water resistance and matched with professional-grade durability, but what’s the use if all your love for the deep sea is confined within screensavers

Work-wear watches: The drive to GO!

The ideal work-wear watch should be an even blend of style and precision, durable but whoever says it has to be bland is bullshitting. That’s some 20 years or older mindset and applies today only to a handful of situations; the current times (more so if you are into outsourcing business) demand multiple timekeeping (and

Beauty fades before strength

Leaving out dandy-s, we all want a watch that survives occasional debauchery and live for at least a few years to go telling about it. That essentially brings to the mind the term tool watch; but that doesn’t necessarily mean a vintage Patek (w/ perpetual calendar); though it will serve another purpose than time telling,

Dive ratings – Breaking the Swiss myths

The worst part of owning a Swiss, luxury-Dive watch is you’ll feel your guts rumble if you indeed go surfing with that on. I’m not talking about multi-millionaires; there are more people than them who save up, bit by bit, and get their object of desire adorning their wrist. One wrong blow and that might

Supposedly Seiko-s

Just like any other watch enthusiast, higher-end Seikos allure me big time. It was love at first sight with the Grand Seiko (costly baby) but I found the SBDX001  slightly better aesthetically. The sad part is, the price-tag still keeps me off; I have settled for the Seiko MarineMaster instead, at almost half the price.

Watches for the Rough-waters – Part 3

Welcome back to the Dive zone. This one should have been up by last evening but well, wasn’t really feeling to sit down after a hard day’s work. However, this midweek being surprisingly calm and placid – seems everyone missed their siestas for a bit too long – there’s no point in wasting time. We