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Beyond normal watch-wearing: Kick-up some post-Apocalyptic fun

I don’t blame you if you think I’m a lazy bum, spending my entire day doing nothing but surfing for another timepiece and ranting here all that I collected elsewhere. But that must make you jealous – firstly, because I don’t have to worry about money; next, I’m the lord of my times. But then

ASK Gonzo about watches – IV

Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How well your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is beside the context, but it will definitely remove the crusty covers barring your illumination.  WG comments:

Newsletter : Citizen Titanium Perpetual Rugged Watch on Sale !

Only US$ 349. Click for details. This week we have on promotion a truly legendary watch from Citizen – it is the all Titanium, Perpetual calendar 200m BL5251-51L. Not only this watch is exceptional in terms of looks and design, the construction is extremely sturdy as well. And since it has a Titanium case and

Super Titanium: Super Hard, Super Light

Painful as it may sound, big metal watches are slowly losing attention; it’s the sleek types that are eating into their share. There are always certain clans who like the heft and bulk; we’re not talking about them. Our focus is on general users, not watch collectors and aficionados. The former ones might find this

Grand Seiko: A perfect match to business suits?

This time I tell you about this guy who finally agreed to retire his Timex and look at slightly more expensive Jap makes. Provided he is into the corporate world, his options are limited. He’s one of those strictly-one people who are not willing to spend on two or more. He liked my Citizen chrono

Aching to make others notice what’s on your wrist?

Frankly speaking, tensions, springs and gears are tough to handle on a daily basis unless you are a Sultan with a hundred people at your beck and call, serving for everything from breakfast to driving and beyond. That’s kinda unromantic too; for what becomes a norm, loses the associated romance. It’s the same with the

For perfectionists who love going places

Just think about it: An intelligent watch that doesn’t require any kind of human intervention for precise timekeeping.  This is an arena that makes the radio-signals look so last-year and ever since, the Jap giants Seiko and Citizen have locked horns, trying to get each other off and make the ground their own. So, who’s winning

Newsletter: Seiko All-Titanium Sapphire Watch on Sale! Only US $145!

    Only US $145. Click for details. This week we have a simple, beautiful, high-quality and great looking classic watch from Seiko on promotion. It is the Seiko Titanium Sapphire Crystal SGG731P1. Not everyone wants a watch with 100 different functions and complicated dials which they are never going to use. Sometimes all you need from

Back in stock by popular demand

Gallants and their gallantry aside, watches are more than fashion accessories. That’s why there are wrist-wears to suit virtually any outdoor profession. Here, the intricate complications or the standard elegant watches don’t stand a chance. Some of these professional devices went through the toughest, real life tests and surpassed expectations in faces of hardships. The

Helping to choose your watch better

Watches bring a fascinating array of functionalities through carefully constructed complications, each unique in its own way. So you must know what means what in the watch market; else, you might cheat yourself off a good buy. 1. Audible Alarm – Alarm functions in expensive watches. They ring both by default and user-set patterns. A

A useful trio: Rugged timepieces for Mr. Hardy

Adventure plans need watches as ambitious as its wearer and toughness is a determinant. That kind of describes the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk Radio Controlled EcoDrive for $399. The Jap-built (in aviation-grade 316 stainless steel housing) results an exceptionally tough watch without compromising the style. The SkyHawk suits multiple professions, activities and environments (even some of

Blowout sales: A definitive guide

Checking the combination of materials, technology and craftsmanship is far more important than choosing functionalities and extra gimmicks, especially from blowout sales which often try to move stuff that are not moving otherwise. For larger and reputed sellers, it’s the not-so-hot style issues that are put up; small timers often try pushing the faulty. A

When to choose the Citizen?

The question eithermakes me sound like someone without even a speck of knowledge about worldly affairs; worse, a boor without any preference or a fool lacking direction where to put his money in. But all that aside, I certainly believe every person has his own set of theories to speak about and it’s not at all

Newsletter: Sale on Citizen Super-Titanium Eco-Drive watch. Coupon inside!

    This week we have on sale 2 beautiful and extremely well crafted eco-drive Titanium watches from Citizen. They are the Citizen AT2025-02E (black dial) and the AT2025-11A(white dial) The first thing you will notice about these watches if you ever held one is that how light they are. They weigh only 61gms! Probably one of the lightest