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Amongst Swiss-maniacs

I know a couple of people who always look the other way if it’s not Swiss. The daughter is a choc-snob and her father; his obsession with the words Suisse and Genève knows no bounds. And that’s something he likes poking on me (also, his preference for English guns. This is something where we both agree and he

Slide rule didactics – Part II

<=Back We went off-track; nevertheless, it was a much required deviation. That’s the best way to get into oft-overlooked areas, which pro-s and enthusiasts would know of but not the casual wearer. Information always helps in refinement and getting better. I guess things did not start too early and there’s no instance of complaints whining

Why wear a watch?

After all these years of frequenting the flea markets, auction dens, retailers, antique-collectors and of course, authorized dealers, now I’m in a somewhat fortunate position to make an effort dabbling into the area where opinions are as varied as the people who hold them. While that doesn’t make me an expert hammering down the last

How Exotic is ‘Truly Exotic’?

Howdy, everyone? Glad that you came around. Was kinda dying to share this: Wearing the Titanic is dead and history; it’s time for something roaring and fast! That’s to say, not just owning a piece of radical engineering but wearing it too without hurting the delicate senses of esthetics. Or so they say. It is

Aching to make others notice what’s on your wrist?

Frankly speaking, tensions, springs and gears are tough to handle on a daily basis unless you are a Sultan with a hundred people at your beck and call, serving for everything from breakfast to driving and beyond. That’s kinda unromantic too; for what becomes a norm, loses the associated romance. It’s the same with the

Watch collecting – An obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Firstly, it is important to understand that collecting is different from buying in gobs and that pretty much answers the question. Yet, there are hobbyists with tons of cash who like to lay hands on every watch available simply because they can. That is indulging. Being a true collector means being a discerning collector who

The real high-tier luxury: Are they just emotional purchases?

Something going above $20,000 is definitely not a matter of joke and certainly doesn’t fit the bill of regular purchases, but here, you must know, precisely, what you are getting from your new acquisition. And unless you have an appreciation for those must-have–novelties, chances are you will treat them as nothing but mere eye candies

Newsletter: : US$199 : Citizen Nighthawk Promaster BJ7010-16F

bj7010-16f US $199 Only: Citizen Promaster Eco Drive NightHawk BJ7010-16F This week we have back in stock at a fantastic price the classic – Citizen Nighthawk Promaster Eco-Drive Pilot watch BJ7010-16F This watch is a legend in itself and at USD 199 it is probably the best value for money for any Pilot watch out

The future of Ecommerce

I haven’t written a post in a couple of weeks now. The post-Christmas period has been surprisingly busy this year. Well, I guess shoppers have finally realized where the best deals are – online! It took the economic crisis to make this happen, actually it was bound to happen some time or the other. Studies