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Addressing an awesome allure on Casio Edifice multi-dials

Being a fairly frequent buyer, a part of my weekly activities – mostly leisures – is searching for them and shortlisting the yearly (or, at most cases, half-yearly) purchase. Those reading me for sometime will know I object on bad pairing, not the product itself. I discriminate none and hold no hard and fast rules

Newsletter : Cyber Monday Sale: Additional 10% off on 200+ Watches + 5% off Store-wide!

Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Cyber Monday sale at is now on! We have an additional discount of 10% (on top of the usual 50-70% off!) on 200+ watches only for Cyber Monday! And with Free Shipping Worldwide (Free DHL/FedEx Express to most countries) as always! Enter code CMTEN in the “Comments/Instructions/Codes (Optional):” section while

ASK Gonzo about watches – XVIII

Does Gonzo approve battery-quartz? Q. Hi Gonzo! I recently found out about the Casio quartzes that look like heroes and gunmen. I’m quite a bit in love with a comparatively newer intros from the junior-most Jap-giant but I’m afraid you’ll turnip your nose away from it. Yes, it’s not solar so battery changes are pretty much

Gonzo belts a flakey dido!

Our friend Gonzo often picks on me when on a normal off-day I enjoy wearing my G-Shocks and Edifices (Heaven knows I don’t own an inventory; just four of them, together); this time he asked if I’m two-timing with the high school cutie pie down the road who kind of digs gadgets. A harmless question,