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A Review of Casio Baby G World Time Digital BG-1005M-6D BG-1005M BG-1005M-6 Watch

The Casio Baby-G Womens Watches are perfect for active people who want to wear their timepiece where ever they go for example dancing, climbing, travel, school and many sports. These Casio watch for women are cool, fashionable watches that won’t break the bank.  This Casio Baby-G BG-1005M-6D Women’s Watch is famous for its robust nature.

A Review of Casio Baby-G BGD-120P-4D BGD-120P-4 Digital Ladies Watch

The Casio Baby-G BGD-120P-4D Ladies Watch is one of the colorful ladies watches. This ladies Sports Watch adds an amazing amount of passion and style and variety to the world’s toughest watch. The Casio Baby-G ladies watch is having beautiful Resin Case and Band. The Pink resin band is a shock resistant. Electro-luminescent backlight with

A Review of Casio Baby-G BG-169R-7C BG-169R-7 Womens Watch

The Casio Baby-G is the modern collection of ladies sports watches that are stylish, yet near indestructible. This Casio Baby-G BG-169R-7C women’s watch is one of the colorful ladies Baby-G lines. The case and the strap of this wonderful Casio Watch are made up of Resin material. It is shock resistant timepiece which protects against

A Review of Casio Baby-G BG-5601-2B BG-5601-2 Watch

This Casio Watch Baby-G BG-5601-2B is basically a fusion of upgraded fashion of unique features of fashion, eaters and durability. This watch is designed in the context of move on and play hard .The G-Shock case is provided with unique Resin case with high resistivity that gives a shock resistant now you can play hard

A Review of Casio Baby-G Shock Resistant Watch BG-2200C-9DR BG2200C

This Casio Baby G Shock Watch is perfect as a fashionable accessory. Baby-g watches are designed to suit your mood and style. Baby-g watches – your everyday watch. The G-Shock offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. It is smaller than other of the Casio watches, also

An Overview on Casio Baby-G Shock Resistant Watch BG-2200-4DR BG2200

The watches with all the right features and materials. They are the most sophisticated, most refined, toughest, and, of course, expensive watches Casio makes. They are available in a wide selection of “feminine” colors and sizes. These are popular G-Shock styles designed to find a home with women buyers. This review is of the BG-2200-4DR

A Look at Casio Baby-G Sweet Poison Series Watch BG-2100-4DR BG2100

A multi-faceted bezel and distinctive display styling creates a design that makes this model as much an accessory as it is a timepiece. Select from among five different current time display styles, or configure the watch to switch between display styles automatically. A special mystery display style appears only while automatic switching is selected. Sweet

A Look at Casio Baby-G Shock Resistant Ladies Watch BG-180SG-8DR BG180SG

Cute casual watch for active women from the Baby-G. Baby G – Sometimes cool, sometimes casual always a great timepiece that makes a fabulous statement about the person wearing it. Baby G by Casio has the durability and toughness of G-shock but made for a today’s woman. The Designs and colors are attuned to today’s

A Closer Look at Casio Baby-G Jelly Alarm World Timer Watch BG-169A-2CVDR BG169A

Baby-G introduces a whole new color palette of glossy solids into the line-up. With vivid colors, metallic dials and matching LCDs, these new colors are sure to make a splash. Aqua resin band with digital neutral face. Delightfully stylish with a clear translucent jelly resin case and strap, this shock-resistant watch also offers a 1/100-second

Review of Casio Baby G Ladies Quartz White Resin Watch BG-1300-7DR

The BG-1300-7DR range is the latest addition to the Baby-G family. The watches have eye-catching solid color bands with a brilliant LCD displays on which figures seems to float on a mirror like jelly. The result is a fun and fashionable design. It features a stylish white resin case and silver top ring, which frames

Casio Baby-g G-shock watches

With its G-Shock watches, Casio hit the jacktop in digital watches back in the 70s. The G-Shock series instantly catapultaed Casio to fame and fortune in the watch world. The basic premise of the G-Shock watches : strong, accurate, easy to read watches at very affordable prices resulted in almost cult-like following. And G-Shocks still