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Newsletter: Blowout Sale on 50 watches + Mother’s day Sale!

The blowout sale for May is here! We have selected 50 fanstastic watches and dropped a futher 5% on their already heavily discounted prices! And only for the month of May or while stocks last. So if you are looking for an addition to your watch collection, or of thinking of getting something nice as

Retro Look Watches – Cool and Trendy Style!

There is something of a retro revival going on at the moment; look at both men’s and women’s fashion for the coming seasons and you will see an influence from many different eras. The 1970’s have gone from being naff to ultra-cool, and the 80’s are having something of a heyday, too! It’s not just

Why Watches are to be treasured

Some people see a watch as simply a functional item; that’s one way of looking at them. Others see watches as fashion statements, and again, that’s a fair view. But there are those of us who view a watch as something very special, a precision instrument that involves complex design and manufacture on its way

A Fun Watch Makes a Great Gift

Watches are excellent gifts for both men and women – let alone for children – as they make for a practical yet fun item. There are some watches that offer a sense of fun that is quite brilliant and at excellent prices too. Wearing a watch such as the Casio Baby-G BGA-200-4E, resplendent in its

Watches for your Travels

With international commerce forming a major part of business, and increasing all the time, many thousands of businessmen and women traverse the world on a regular basis. It is very helpful to have a watch that can give you the time in your destination, and many makers offer timepieces with world time functions. These superbly

Ladies Watches – Fashion or Function?

In many ways it seems that the men have it all their own way when it comes to watches. There is no doubt that there is more choice for men, but there are some excellent Womens Watches that can make an outfit just perfect. Whether you are reading this for advice on how to buy

Casio Baby G-Shock Watches

The success of the famous “Chaton” style design of the Slim Marine series led Casio to use its tough elegant styling as the basis for the new Baby-G series. Casio Baby-G Shock watch is designed for the modern day cool and confident urban woman. The entire watch is covered in ubber cool neon resin which

Newsletter: 8% off on Casio Baby-G Shock Resistant Watches!

8% off on all Baby-G Watches! Casio G-Shock watches are known all over the world for their trendy looks, their functionality, ease of use and most of all their toughness! They last for a long time, and can withstand a huge array of elements from shocks, rain, dust, mud and just good old knocking around

An Overview of Casio BGA-200PD-1B BGA-200PD BGA-200PD-1 Baby-G Casket Anolog-Digital Ladies Watch

  This Baby-G BGA-200PD-1B Ladies Watch is from the Casio collection. This fully black color timepiece has the advantage of both the Analog and Digital Display. This Casio Baby G Shock Watch comes in a popular Square design which is decorated with pop colors for an energetic look. The hour numbers and bars of this

An Overview of Casio Baby-G BGA-200LP-4E Womens Watch

  Pretty looking new Casio Baby-G BGA-200LP-4E Womens Watches! Women like pink color most, and this Casio Watch is beautifully made up of pink Resin Case and band. Resin material is one of the durable materials widely used by the Casio brand. It is Shock Resistant watch. It protects against the damage from shocks. The

An Overview of Casio Baby-G Multi-Function Sports BGA-110-7B2 Womens watch

  New Casio Baby-G Sports Watch in white with Multi Functions for women! The Model number of this Casio Watch is BGA-110-7B2. The case and the band are made up of Resin material which is Shock Resistant. It protects against impact and vibrations. This Casio Baby-G Womens Watch has multiple functions which are useful in

An Overview of Casio Baby-G BLX-100-1F Womens Watch

  This Black Casio Baby-G BLX-100-1F Women’s Watch is new, trendy, stylish and functional timepiece, made up of totally black Resin case and band. It offers ultimate options to add a touch of sophistication to the collection. The Casio Watch is having extreme shock resistance along with the water resistance up to 200 meters. By

A Review of Casio Baby-G BGA-141-1B Womens Watch

  Watches are categorized by their names, brand, models and prices, casio watch brand has huge collection stylish and fashionable watches. They always make unique watches with splendid features. The casio Baby-G and casio G-shock are one of the great examples of casio watches. This casio watch case in made of resin and the band

A Review of Casio Baby-G Alarm World Time BG-169R-4D BG169R Ladies Watch

Casio Watch brand making verity of stylish and beautiful watches continuously, they always care of people choice, that’s the reason casio watches are never goes out of fashion and succeed to make an important place in people heart. Casin now introduce new extremely beautiful watch that contains lighter and strong material. This is casio baby-g

A Review of Casio Baby-G BGD-121-6D Womens Watch

There are various ways we can buy a perfect watch and sites will help you to find a watch of yours choice. This watch is designed with latest feminine color as womens want nothing but the best. Casio brought a extremely newly G-Shock watch for womens that have various great features. The case of this