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The Q&M continues

It’s a pumped-up Tuesday! I borrowed a friend’s laptop to work while the grease monkey does the gearbox. The ratchet and the hangar are down to their last stage and there are gear and clutch slips. But it’s great that the problem got detected fast; fixing it back got easy.  Two hours for the engine

Watch selection – Keeping things simple this time

There’s a huge lot waiting in the dress domain yet most of us dive straight into the eye-candy stuff that carry little value in their movements. Beneath all that expensive dials and glasses runs a quartz movement oftentimes; rest are run-of-the mill automatics with nothing great to offer. Even the most inexpensive watch must capture

Swiss vs. the Rest: The silly war continues

Till now, I’ve had mixed views from others on watches of value. While on one hand there are them who consider the $5 quartzes and digitals to be sufficient; on the other, I’ve had known the lot who won’t even give Hamilton-s a damn because of its American lineage. This, obviously, brings into mind the

Seiko Kinetic: The active outdoors watch

I have no SEIKO Kinetic and that makes my watch-drobe less than complete. There are also others that don’t show here but they are, at present, out of my reach, so this one is the closest I can target. Here it is. The Kinetic is a movement platform that utilizes from both mechanical and quartz

Watches for the Rough-waters…Part 2

Entering the mid-range is an overwhelming experience. This is also where true reliability rears its head; so, here are a couple of suggestions that help selecting through comparing. You need to be sure keeping from the gripping fear of the watch stopping a few hundred feet underwater. It is kind of creepy guessing how much

Something on the ‘Diver’-s

This is something I wanted to embark on since months but never quite felt the urge to dive into it (the truth is, it actually went outta my mind) until this morning the mail hit. There’s another reason, too. I’m not a swimmer; thrown into the water, I might survive few minutes before shout for

Trying to solve an eternal debate

The question often troubled me in my nascent days as a watch collector and still does, albeit not that often. But over the years, I’ve been seasoned enough by the hobby (and by an uncountable number of mistakes) and that it likely has no definitive answer doesn’t trouble me anymore. Both have their strong and

Which Watch if the One for You?

Buying a watch, whether for yourself or as a gift, is a process that involves many questions and some important decisions. Watches come in many different types, shapes and sizes, and both men’s watches and watches for women have evolved over the years. You may have a personal favourite in terms of shape – the

Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch – Absolutely beautiful!

The Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch is one of the most stunning watch designs created. Most other watches in the market that have black dial with silver hour markings can often be difficult to read. Seiko Men’s Kinetic Black Ion Watch is an exception. Its stunning two-tone grey-gold metallic case with black dial and

Newsletter: Seiko Kinetic Diver’s SKA369P1 for only $219!

Only $219: Seiko Kinetic Divers 200m SKA369P1 We have just reduced our price substantially on one of the most popular Seiko watches ever produced. Now the Seiko Kinetic Diver 200m SKA369P1 is available only for $219 while stocks last! and with Free Shipping Worldwide as always! This is by far the best price anywhere for

A Review of Seiko Kinetic SKA521P1 SKA521P SKA521 Mens Watch

  Seiko now introducing a new timepiece for men! This is the new Seiko Kinetic SKA521P1 Men’s Watch, made up of solid Stainless Steel case and the bracelet. This timepiece has a formal design and looks good with its simplicity. You will surely feel proud by wearing it in any official parties. This Seiko Mens

A Review of Seiko Kinetic SKA525P1 SKA525P SKA525 Mens Watch

  Whenever you think about timepieces then the popular watch maker brands are comes in your mind. Seiko is the leading watch maker that largely produces awesome timepieces worldwide.  People love Seiko watches because they use good quality of material and include pretty decent features in their watches. Seiko chronograph, Seiko kinetic etc. are some

A Review of Seiko Kinetic SKA527P1 SKA527P SKA527 Mens Watch

  The idea of modernity in everyone’s mind therefore people uses different kind of things to reflect them. There is different variety of watches available which contains decent features also manufactures gives fashionable attractive look to their watches. Manufactures attracts people from their beautiful collection of timepieces. The case and the bracelet both of this

A Review of Seiko Kinetic Premier Perpetual Calendar SNP049P1 SNP049 SNP049P Mens Watch

  An Ideal timepiece from Seiko Watches! Seiko Kinetic Perpetual Calender SNP049P1 Mens Watch, the name tells all you want in a watch. This Seiko Premier Kinetic Mens Watch is nicely made up of Stainless Steel case with black leather strap. Leather Strap is skin friendly and easy to adjust by the size of your

A Review of Seiko Sportura Kinetic Divers SKA511P1 SKA511P Mens Watch

  This Seiko Sportura Kinetic Divers SKA511P1 Men’s Watch is one of the leading timepieces in the collection of Seiko. It is an Innovative design by Seiko Watches. This Seiko Sportura Watch featured in a high level of Stainless Steel case and Bracelet. It is really a great watch. This ultimate Seiko Mens Watch is