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An Overview of Seiko Chronograph Pilot’s SZER005 Men’s Watch

Another cool and icy watch from Seiko Watches. Seiko watches are known for their perfection of style, design and performance. It has become the world leader and its products are used to measure the time factor of events of great games Events. Achievements of the company are uncountable and it has also set up many

A Review of Seiko Alarm Chronograph SNAB50P1 SNAB50P Men’s Watch

Seiko men’s watch offers a unique combination of precision, comfort and readability. Seiko Chronograph watch comes with black dial that gives it an exclusive feel and make it stands out from the ordinary. It has nice clear look goes well with business and casual garb. This watch is of high quality construction and keeps time

The Review of Seiko Velatura Women’s Diamonds Collection Chronograph Watch SNDZ40P1 SNDZ40P SNDZ40

Yet another fantastic design by Seiko, model SNDZ40P. A great Women’s watch for everyday wear as well as evening wears!  Crisp design with lasting style.  The stylist Seiko Velatura SNDZ40P offers Gold Plated Two tone Stainless Steel bracelet with 11 diamonds residing white dial. It is 40mm in diameter and features quartz movement made in