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here are numerous real-life stories about watches that survived absolute Hell – whether at Saigon or in Afghanistan or Benghazi – and still keeping on ticking, maintaining perfect time; however, it is not good for the watch not to get some tender, loving comfort in return after hard days of labour, irrespective of how good or solidly built the watch might be. Similarly, a watch running for a decade without some TLC is equally

ChronoTales: Rewind 2021

Foreword “In presence of the new Corona virus variants and a general lack of vaccines worldwide; the governments seeing no end of trouble and their citizens facing tough economies, uncertainty is expected to loom for some more time.“ Or that’s what you are told. The Deloitte State of the Consumer tracker, however, gives a different

Buying a watch? Here are 5 things you should remember!

Preferences: The way they go It’s a widely known fact that women – almost all – are more inclined towards watches as being just another good looking dress accessory that also shows time. They tend to care most about the look of a watch, for it to become an effective add-on to their respective appearances,