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Seiko Watches for Men & Women

Seiko Watches are a true fusion of style and technology. As a brand, Seiko watch has a rich heritage of crafting high-quality watches that cater to every lifestyle and occasion. Whether you are a sports

enthusiast, a business professional, or a fashion-conscious individual, Seiko has a watch for you. With its cutting-edge Quartz technology, Seiko has earned worldwide popularity for its style, innovation, and affordability.

At Seiko, every watch and movement is produced entirely in-house, ensuring that even the most minor details are of the highest quality. This includes everything from the lubricating oil used in the watches to the luminous compounds used on the hands. As a result, you can trust that Seiko watches are made to last and are guaranteed to provide you with accurate timekeeping for the years ahead.

Seiko watch offers a vast range of watches to choose from, including the Seiko Astron, Prospex, Presage, Solar or Kinetic-powered watches, Perpetual Calendar, Divers watches, Seiko Titanium, Seiko Women's watches, specialized watches for pilots, Seiko Chronograph, the famous Seiko 5 auto, Moon Phase, World-time, and a range of limited-edition Seiko watches. Each watch comes with an international warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Popular Seiko Watches

All our Seiko watches are 100% new and genuine. All watches are carefully packed and shipped in boxes with instruction manual and International Warranty.

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Kintaro Hattori established K.Hattori & Co. Ltd. Japan in 1881, which eventually became Seiko Corporation. Initially they developed different kinds of watches until finally creating their first wrist watch in 1913. Since 1924, they started using Seiko brand on the watches. In 1955, Seiko manufactured the first self-winding watch. Then came the quartz watches, which served the broadcasting purposes and transistorized table clocks. Recognized as the leader in timekeeping accuracy, Seiko Watches were used as the official timer in the Tokyo Olympic Games held in Japan in 1964. Seiko also served as official timer at several major sports events like FIFA World Cup Editions, Olympic Games etc. In 1969, Seiko developed "Astron", the world's first production quartz watch. Due to constant innovation, Seiko has also produced a few firsts in their history like: the first LCD quartz watch with six digit digital display, the first quartz alarm display, the first multi functional digital watch, the first TV watch, the first watch having sound recording capability, the first automatic power generating quartz watch. Various Seiko watches  were worn by the cinematic James Bond 007 in four films starring Roger Moore from 1977-85. Also, a Seiko watch was worn by Sean Connery in the 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again. A Seiko Chronograph is also worn by Jason Bourne, in the book "The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum.


Seiko strongly believes that the wrist watch is an intimate accessory. The watches live in harmony and interact with the wearer and they also offer a reassuring and emotionally satisfying bond. Seiko's technological department focuses on creation of "Emotional Technology". Following are the 4 major technologies in Seiko builds their products.

1. Spring Drive

Spring drive movement is based on the foundation of all mechanical watch technology, a mainspring, but uses an entirely new system for time regulation. This delivers the equivalent of 1 second per day accuracy and uniquely features glide-motion hands that represent the continuous, even motion of time. This technology is termed as the Quiet Revolution in the watch industry.

2. Kinetic

In 1986, Seiko unveiled its first kinetic prototype. It was the first watch in the world to convert kinetic movement into electrical energy. This step made kinetic synonymous with environmental friendliness, high performance and long lasting convenience to the users.

3. Mechanical

Seiko automatic movement 6R20 is designed to place the Seiko firmly in the high quality mechanical market. The movement is exquisitely finished with an engraved rotor, polished edges to the bridges and hairline shading on the main surfaces.

4. Quartz

Invented in 1969, this quartz movement revolutionized the conventional concepts of watches. This watch has crystal oscillator at its core for accuracy. The crystalline body of the crystal cut to a fixed shape has a characteristic to generate steady vibration if voltage is applied to it.

Additionally, Seiko Watches  has a reputation of creating limited-edition watches for explorers in extreme conditions. In this process, they have developed some extraordinary watches and routinely use their lessons learnt in later production models. As a example, they made "Landmasters" for trips to both poles (The GMT hand goes counter clockwise for Landmaster south pole). An amazing shrouded diver for commercial divers, a ceramic and titanium masterpiece for Mt. Everest and even a watch specifically designed for hikers of Japan's mountains to name a few.


Seiko watches products can be categorized into following 5 product ranges based on the technology they are built with and the users for whom it was targeted to.

Arctura Watches

This is the signature design for Seiko's kinetic technology. Arctura represents the strong, solid build quality and aerodynamic design inspired by the arc of the nature. Arctura draws its strength from the eternal beauty of this shape.

Velatura Watches

SEIKO Velatura is a collection of high performance marine watches for men and women. These watches combine innovation of function with refinement in design. At the heart of the collection are two entirely new calibers, Kinetic Direct Drive and a Yachting Timer, both designed expressly for Velatura and for the needs of professional and recreational sailors alike.

Premier Watches

This is Seiko's leading dress watch collection. Seiko premier combines classically refined inspiration with subtly modern expression. This is inspired by neo-classical architecture. Premier is classical yet modern, reverential yet bold, restrained yet eye-catching.

Sportura Watches

This is Seiko watches leading sports collection watch series. This is a unique, all chronograph collection inspired by high-performance motor sport. Quartz or kinetic, every sportura watch is designed to perform at the highest level of motor sports.

Chronograph Watches

A Chronograph is a timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions as well as other functions. These Seiko Chronograph Wrist Watches features the ultimate fusion of style, comfort, durability and functionality.

Perpetual Calendar Watches

In case of Perpetual Calendar you don't need to adjust the watch for the months having less than 31 days or for Leap years. These watches are extremely well-designed, well-built attractive timepieces!

Divers Watches

These Watches are especially designed for underwater diving. For sports person or a diver, these watches are the best timepiece for use in both in or out the water. And they look great for everyday wear as well!

Kinetic Watches

The name suggests to the Seiko line Kinetic series; kinetic watches do not use a battery. Kinetic watches are also known as energy saving timepieces because they take energy by the wearer.

Titanium Watches

This is the collection of Titanium watch having silver-gray appearance. Titanium is 30 percent stronger and nearly 50 percent lighter than steel. This the reason that people prefer titanium material.

Women's Watches

Seiko women's watch makes some very beautiful, elegant Women's watches. Seiko women's watch does a very good job in these respects and all the women's watches produced by Seiko are impressive to say the least.

Japan Domestic Watches

Seiko produces many great watches for the domestic market which are not that easily available outside Japan. is proud to get you these models through our exclusive partners in Japan.

Quartz Watches

These Quartz Watches are very accurate and reliable. Quartz watch consists of a solar energy or a battery. These watches are very convenient and efficient.

Seiko 5 Auto Watches

This is a collection of all Seiko watches which is specially made for Sports. These watches being equipped with a massive rotating bezel and fat luminous indices and hands.