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Holla! Ze Campanola!

It’s either art or it’s not art; there’s nothing in between. This is one place that you can traverse without worrying on the gray pitfalls. But much to surprise, the Campanola defied this set norm and that too royally, kind of like that plump chick who’s not much on looks but cooks excellent food and

Gift your loved one a Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Miramar Diamond Luxury Watch

If you have been looking for the ideal watch for the special woman in your life, then look no further. The Citizen Eco Womens Miramar Diamond Luxury Watch collection is the perfect balance between form and function, which is sure to please that special someone. Many watches that feature diamonds these days focus far too much

Largest selling citizen eco drive watches for men

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches are for the environment conscious, voting for free and unlimited electrical power. An innovation apart, Citizen’s Edo-Drive series is an epitome in style, design and overall build quality that makes for some very prestigious, sleek, flexible and versatile wrist-wear. The contemporary eco-drive watches sport a much slimmer profile than their predecessors, yet

Luxury Watches- Expensive or Overpriced?

Why are luxury watches so expensive? This is one question that watch collectors and enthusiasts are often asked. However, before attempting to answer this question it is important to clarify the distinction between something being expensive and/or overpriced. While being expensive means something costs a lot but is worth the high price, overpriced simply means

Guide to Buying Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are a tricky area, even for seasoned collectors. There is something special about a vintage with which brand new timepieces can’t compare. Whether we speak about a genuine antique or one that is not quite old as to be historic but has made a previous owner proud, there is history and hidden stories

Piaget’s Latest Self Winding Minute Reader (The Piaget Emperador Coussin XL) – A Masterpiece in Complexity and Flatness

A serious watch enthusiast would already be familiar with a Minute Repeater. The term refers to a watch that can chime the time at the push or slide of a button. Considered to be one of the most challenging watch complications, these masterpieces of micro-precision and engineering are coveted today, by watch collectors and lovers

Why Men Love Watches

The traditional watch making industry should have long become obsolete. No one needs really needs a watch; they are expensive and the economy is in a recession. Yet, the industry is booming and adverts of celebrities donning power watches are all around. This is most true for men’s watches. So what is it about watches

WATCH REVIEW SAMPLE: The Orient ER24002W Bambino

The Orient ER24002W Bambino is a stylish watch that truly reflects the heritage of Japanese precision at Orient watches. Yet another star in Orient’s line-up of affordable mechanical, the ER24002W continues Orient’s reputation for creating exciting watches that are easy on the pocket but high on quality and accuracy. Carefully crafted by Japanese watchmakers, the

Showcasing the Best in Japanese Watches

If you did a mental survey of the brands of watches people around you are wearing, chances are you will find most sporting one of the Japanese big three- Citizen, Seiko or Casio. If you asked them why, they’d probably attribute their choice to their reliability and affordability. Japanese watches are hard to beat on

Watch out for the iWatch- Rumored to Launch this Year

The rumor mills are in overdrive, and creating a buzz about the possibility of Apple launching their all new smartwatch in collaboration with Intel some time later this year. Unofficially termed as the iWatch, this highly anticipated gadget could prove to be the next big game changer in wearable computing. Discussions and speculations are flying