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Seiko Divers Quartz

Seiko Quartz Diver�s Watch is a very accurate timepiece, the result of Seiko�s advanced precision technology.� It is a product of K. Hattori & Co, industrial group. Seiko Quartz Diver�s watch is a battery-powered electronic wristwatch, incorporating a quartz crystal oscillator and IC for excellent timekeeping and micro-miniature step motor which moves the second hand in precise one second intervals. It is specially designed for deep-sea diving and has excellent water-resistant quality.

Seiko pioneered quartz movements in 1969, when the company introduced the first mass production watch containing this caliber. It is probably since then that Seiko became associated with technological innovation � and rightfully so. Quartz movement has evolved significantly since then, with Seiko always leading � even though the company made the patent accessible for all.

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