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Seiko Direct Drive Velatura

The Seiko Velatura offers the Direct Drive Kinetic "Emotional" Technology with Quartz accuracy. You can read how much time you have left on the charge on the meter which displays markings for days, weeks, up to a full month. The inside of the meter in the grey barred section of the meter displays the current charge. Each grey bar marks an hour charged.

Seiko Velatura is a collection of high performance marine watches for men and women, each of which combines innovation of function with refinement in design. At the heart of the collection are two entirely new calibers, Kinetic Direct Drive and a Yachting Timer, both designed expressly for Velatura and for the needs of professional and recreational sailors alike. Seiko's Direct Drive brings watch and wearer closer than ever before
Velatura watches are powered by either the Kinetic Direct Drive (cal.5D44), or the Yachting Timer (cal. 7T84) or the Alarm Chronograph (cal. 7T62) or the 1/20 Chronograph (cal 7T92).

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