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Hamilton VENTURA Watches

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Non-traditional, cheeky and asymmetrical, the Hamilton Ventura has always stayed avant garde and is meant to stay that way for many years to come! Since 1957, its legacy has run strong and today’s Hamilton Ventura

Mens Watch models mirror the design details of its ancestor’s without missing out on a single part. The Hamilton Ventura showcases the fact that icons and watches are every bit like coffee is to cream. The Hamilton Ventura is more than just being a wrist candy. A case that’s neither round, nor square; neither tonneau nor rectangular or oval - the fascinating, out of the box, art deco triangular shape with curved sides are the hallmark of the Hamilton Ventura Chronograph, the Hamilton Ventura Auto and the Hamilton Ventura Automatic. Especially notable in the range is the Hamilton Ventura Elvis; an example of stunning, contemporary watch architecture that comes alive with its intricate design details. Its asymmetric attachment fixtures team with a Swiss quartz movement; together, they make for a modern statement with the classic vibes intact. If you want that classic feel a bit more, the Hamilton Ventura Automatic Watch gets you the chance to taste all of it. All in all, the Hamilton Ventura Watch started as a pioneer and the bold statement it made has continued over more than five decades, integrating every unexpected touch within a classy demeanour. Futuristic, edgy and distinctively contemporary, you can’t miss out on the shield-shape and the angular crown, bringing the racy looks effortlessly. Every Hamilton Ventura For Sale that has been put up here represent the same iconic status that Elvis Presley built; whoever is charmed by a piece of exotic, musical history (even science fiction; remember J from Men in Black?) must not let this chance of owning the Ventura at a throwaway price.