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Hamilton KHAKI Watches

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Hamilton, among all Swiss watchmakers, is a favourite to not just the connoisseurs but also to those who have little time to think about or maintain the piece on their wrist. Rugged in their construction

and elegant in their designs, Hamilton mechanical watches are synonymous to value, using Swiss-made movements and that applies to all their models, starting from the basic Hamilton Khaki Automatic to the one-of-a-kind Hamilton Khaki X-Wind. They are the perfect choice for the active and the adventurous. Rugged, edgy and industrious, the Hamilton line combines American Spirit to Swiss craftsmanship and technologies to create a full range of eye-catching timepieces that vibe with fearless personalities and macho mindsets. If you are new to the world of mechanical watches and looking for a piece that you don’t have to look after at all in terms of care and maintenance, the Hamilton Khaki Field is the one you should go for. Or, if you want something bit stylish and eye catching, the Hamilton Khaki King or the Hamilton Khaki Navy are going to satisfy you big time. All three qualify as excellent first automatics that you can wear every day and portray the essence of original Hamilton military watches produced in the 1940s. The Khaki Aviation line, comprising the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Automatic and the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Automatic are geared towards the free spirit to whom, only the sky is the limit. However, things do not end here with the classic aviator styling; there are functions built in that are specific to pro-level aviation. The drift-angle calculator is the most notable of all; it’s a piece of exotic function first to appear in a watch that allows aviators to calculate and record accurately the crosswinds on a planned flight. Besides, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation and the Hamilton Khaki Pilot offer you innovative Chronograph functions, which will surely turn heads besides helping you out with more than one thing in your grounded life!