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Free Diver

Ratio’s model range primarily consists of divers; a dress and a field range are awaiting release. They got both quartz and automatic models. They are visually somewhat similar to the Citizen Promaster Marine; not just in their bulk, girth and heft but also in their material, fit and finish. Their many independent elements show readily; the helium valves, the rotating bezels or the pretty massive crowns

Is Sapphire an Expensive Affair?


Sapphire and its many myths Spend some time in the watch forums across the Web and you’ll find many an inquisitive soul – the unseasoned surfers of the horo-world – expressing great doubts over the structural aspects between domed and flat sapphire crystals and regarding their differences in hardness. From this point, you’ll also find

Which one is the correct steel for diver watches?

Shining stainless steel appeases; its toughness delights. Most of us welcome it in appliances of use; its brilliant hold against massive impacts leaves no questions to be asked. As your watch’s building material, steel has been a long-trusted ferric alloy to watch makers all over the world. There are harder synthetic materials available than steel;