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Seiko Lukia: Ladies’ stuff that doesn’t let you go past!

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Contrary to what most people believe, Seiko is not just about men’s watches. There is a vast range of Seiko Watches For Women and the vibrant line is called Lukia. They are built as good

as the purpose-driven Seiko Watches For Men and a large chunk of the Lukia line are indeed purpose driven. Let that be the Seiko Lukia Automatic or the Seiko Lukia Chronograph, Seiko Watches make a large number of this watches for women that are going to cater to their needs if they know what they are actually looking for. Never mind, our vibrant line of these women’s watches bring you an outstandingly exhausting collection that speaks your mind!
The Seiko Lukia are exclusively a watch line that has a feminine touch to it, ranging from automatic and quartz lineup, which will accompany you from the boardroom to the ballroom and beyond. Their utmost elegance and sophistication makes that possible; add to it their extremely feminine design and you are set for the smart and shining ambiences where positive and independent ways of living rule supreme.
These ladies’ watches in automatic, quartz and solar formats are available in both leather and metal straps and bracelets; their dial designs and colors unfurling numerous possibilities of pairing up with a woman’s preferred outfit for a hectic day at the office or for an evening full of fun and fervor.
For the automatic mechanical models, you’ll find the 4R35 calibre bringing a simply unique performance that overrides its looks; with the quartz, it’s the 7T12 movement and with the solar quartz, it’s the V173 that rules the roost! Even if you overlook the aesthetics, you can’t deny the versatility of the movements that adjust to every situation you might subject your Lukia too along with all your apparels; be it any occasion you might land up into!




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