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We have thousands of very satisfied customers from many countries: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Iraq (U.S. Army), Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Peurto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA. We are 100% reliable and trustworthy in getting you the best watches with the best service at the lowest prices! These are some of the comments from our customers:

Customer Testimonials
M. Bogdan, Romania (Feb 2018)

Posted on: Feb-2018

Everything impeccable, congratulations on how you treat your clients. I ordered a watch. More than satisfied with the price, quality and service. I’ll definitely return with order from Creation Watches. Have a good one!!--M. Bogdan, Romania

M. Tambuc, Romania (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

I received the order and everything is as expected. The customer service was great and will shop with you in the future as well!--M. Tambuc, Romania

B. Adriana, Romania (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

Really nice watch, I’m Very happy and for sure will Buy again. Your service Was Very Good, Fast shipping, I want to Buy again from you!--B. Adriana, Romania

V. Calance, Romania (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

Yes, my watch has finally arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it. As far as your service is concerned, there is nothing I can complain about. Everything went well and I would definitely recommend your site to my friends. All the best and keep it going!--V. Calance, Romania

C. OLTEANU, Romania (Nov 2017)

Posted on: Nov-2017

Yes, I've received my watch and everything was ok. courier service was very prompt. I am very satisfied about the watch and I hope it will be reliable. I will recommend your website to my friends!--C. OLTEANU, Romania

R. Popa, Romania (Nov 2017)

Posted on: Nov-2017

Yesterday i have received the package, i have to say i am happy with my purchase . I would also recommend your site in the future .--R. Popa, Romania

R. Staicu, Romania (Mar 2017)

Posted on: Mar-2017

I'm very pleased with the watch and I like it, For sure, I will keep an eye on your future offers and definitely will order again. Thank you! -- R. Staicu, Romania

S. Caraconcea, Romania (Feb 2017)

Posted on: Feb-2017

The watch looks great, just as I expected and your delivery is very fast. In only 3 working days the watch was in Romania. I received it after two weeks due to Romania custom papers and requests. Your prompt email replies were very helpful. Hope to buy from you again. Thank you, -- S. Caraconcea, Romania

C. Petric, Romania (Dec 2016)

Posted on: Dec-2016

First I want to thank you for your kind support and professionalism. My feedback to you can only be positive. The package arrived perfectly, and the watch is beautiful. With this order I have tested your services and please allow me to tell you that I was not disappointed. I will order again. Thank you. -- C. Petric, Romania

S. COSTANDACHE, Romania (Oct 2016)

Posted on: Oct-2016

I am really happy with the purchase, the watch is great and you conducted the sale in a professional matter. -- S. COSTANDACHE, Romania

P. Alexandru, Romania (Oct 2016)

Posted on: Oct-2016

I really appreciate your support in the process of delivery. I received nothing else, but good services, good timepiece which was exactly what I expected: professionality. -- P. Alexandru, Romania

S. Alexandru, Romania (Aug 2016)

Posted on: Aug-2016

First of all i would like to thank you for your promotitude, the order was shiped within hours, second...i would like to say that i really like my new watch, looks good and it feels good on the hand; Overall you guys rock! -- S. Alexandru, Romania

B. Axente, Romania (Aug 2016)

Posted on: Aug-2016

Excellent watch, extremely fast shipping ( in 24 hours !!! from Singapore to Romania, super customer communication, I am already looking to buy another watch from CW. Thank you for an excellent service, you just won an regular customer ! -- B. Axente, Romania

J. Andrei, Romania (Feb 2016)

Posted on: Feb-2016

I've got the watch and it looks very good. You are very seious and very prompt.Thank you! -- J. Andrei, Romania (Feb 2016)

A. Rusu, Romania (Jan 2016)

Posted on: Jan-2016

First of all thank you for being accurate with my order. I am very happy with my order on CreationWatches. The package arrived in great condition and the watch is flawless.--A. Rusu, Romania

I. Mihaela, Romania (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

Nothing to comment. U have the best service and products. U won a new client -- I. Mihaela, Romania

A. Cazacu, Romania (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

I recived my order in good condition, great watch, reasonable price, fast and free DHL shipping. Thank you.-- A. Cazacu, Romania

M. Constantinescu, Romania (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

Thank you for your mail, indeed I just received Yesterday the watch and I am really delighted. It is more than I expected I cannot stop myself to admire it. The experience with CreationWatches was absolutely positive, I already recommended the site to my friends so I hope you will receive new orders from Romania! Thank a lot! -- M. Constantinescu, Romania

D. Alexoiu, Romania (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

I am really content and happy founding an online-store as yours, CreationWatches. I thank you for the availability of an astonishing range of excellent watches, focus on Seiko diver's and not only diver's. This was my second order, and already planning the third one at the beginning of December. I will remain for sure one of your customers, As long as you want me :), -- D. Alexoiu, Romania

H. Septar, Romania (Oct 2015)

Posted on: Oct-2015

Hello, i had a very nice experiencr with your site, the watch is as described, i will make further shopping from you. Happy customer here.-- H. Septar, Romania

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