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Citizen Aqualand watches are the favourite of divers around the world. Ask anyone how considers himself a diver and he will tell you about citizen aqualand diver watches. Why is that so you ask? Here

are a few reasons :

1. Citizen Aqualand watches all have depth meters. This means all the Aqualand watches can measure the depth to which you dive. This depth is displayed on the display (or indicated by the depth hand in the watch depending on the model) . This is a really useful function for divers. Many of the Citizen Aqualand watches also store the depth information. For the Hyper Aqualand series of watches you can even transfer the dive log to your computer. The Hyper Aqualand watches come with Citizen Communication Unit using which you can connect your watch to your computer and transfer all the dive data to your computer. The watch also comes with a CD of the software program that you can install on your Windows computer. Then using the software you can view the graphs, dive timings and other useful information about your dives. The Cyber Aqualand represents the most advanced depth meter which gives extremely accurate depth readings. So for any diver wearing a citizen aqualand watch it is never too difficult to tell the depth of his/her dives.

2. The watches are all rated to 200 meter (20 bar) or more. All the Citizen Diver watches are rated to atleast 200 meters. This means they are built with diving in mind and are tough and durable. You can use them for your diver for a long long time. Some people have had their old Aqualand watches for more than 15 years.

3. The watches look really great. Just because they have really cool functionality doesn't mean that Citizen has compromised on looks. All the citizen aqualand watches have nice designs that go well when you wear them everyday as well. They will look good for any occassion. Just take a look at the pictures and you will not disagree.

4. Citizen Aqualand watches are very affordable. Given all these plus points about Aqualand watches you would have thought that they will be very very expensive. Well, not true. The citizen aqualand series is a very affordable series of watches. That is one great thing about Citizen Watch Company. Citizen produces all these great watches, pioneer in all the later technologies, but they remain true to the vision of their founder - that their watches should be within the reason of ordiary Citizens (this is where the name 'Citizen' derives its origins as well). The citizen aqualand series starts from USD 210. Now that is really really cheap compared with some of the Swiss Dive watches. (and not to mention Citizen has so much more functionality built into their watches)

5. The watches are easily serviced. Citizen is a big company with service centers in most countries. Given their popularity many watch technicians are also comfortable with their servicing. Buy a citizen aqualand watch now and you will not have to worry about issues at all. First of all they are of really good quality so it is very unlikely that something will go wrong in the first few years. After that, in case service is needed, you can easily get it serviced.
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