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Casio Watches for Men & Women

Casio watches are renowned for their quality, reliability, and durability. Casio has got you covered if you're eyeing a fashionable analog watch or a digital timepiece. With designs ranging from sleek and sophisticated to rugged

and sporty, there's definitely a Casio watch that will fit everyone's lifestyle.

For men, Casio watches offer a broad selection of G-SHOCK and EDIFICE styles. The G-SHOCK series has grown to become an iconic sports watch, with designs that feature shock resistance, solar power technology, 200m water resistance, and other innovative features. If you're looking for more luxurious models, the EDIFICE collection is perfect, with its meticulously crafted stainless steel materials and sophisticated design.

The BABY-G series offers fashionable yet tough watches with features such as world time, shock resistance, solar power, and LED light. The LADIES collection is perfect for the modern woman, featuring elegant timepieces with classic designs and unique features.

Finding a Casio watch that fits your lifestyle has never been easier! With our extensive range of casino watches collection, you're sure to find one that suits your preferences and needs.

History of Casio Watches

Tadao Kashio started the Casio Company in 1946, one of the first watch companies to make quartz crystal watches available in digital and analog styles.

In 1974, Casio released the CASIOTRON: a watch that showed hours, minutes, and seconds and could also tell you how many days were in a month and whether the year was a leap year. The CASIOTRON quickly became one of their most popular products for its never-before-seen features and affordable price tag.

Casio has been ahead of the curve when it comes to watches, releasing the first watch with an LCD screen in 1978. In 1989, they produced the first digital watch with sensors for forecasting weather trends and followed that up in 1993 by releasing a wristwatch with a digital compass.

In the 21st century, Casio has pushed the boundaries of watch technology by introducing features such as solar power, GPS, and Bluetooth capability. With their focus on quality and innovation, it's no wonder that Casio watches remain a top choice for people all over the world.

Are Casio Watches Worth Buying?

Among watch brands, Casio occupies a top spot globally. The company offers an array of watches for both men and women. Its men's watches tout accuracy, durability, and reliability, which put the brand at the forefront for many watch enthusiasts. For women, Casio designs elegant styles & color options.

Not only does Casio offer a variety of features in its watches, like solar battery charging and longitude tracking, but the company's shock resistance guarantee keeps your watch safe from accidental drops or bumps.

Not only are Casio watches quality timepieces, but they're also affordable compared to other luxury brands. Furthermore, their wide range of designs means you have a watch for every style and occasion. With a Casio on your wrist, you'll always be stylishly equipped no matter where you go or what you do.

Popular Casio Watches

Casio Watches for Men & Women

Lets look at the most famous of the Casio lineups - the G-Shocks:

Casio entered the digital time-piece market in 1974. It was a very new market then and until then watches were the usual kind - with hands. Casio had mastered the digital technology long back with its calculators and other digital equipment, so the foray into the digital watch world wasn't too difficult for them. They took the watch community by storm with the CASIOTRON - the first digital watch to feature an auto-calendar i.e. without the need to adjust for day and date each month. Since then Casio hasn't looked back. Anyone who know anything about watches has heard the word G-Shock. If you haven't, then what are you doing reading this? just kidding, its never too late to learn anything new. The first G-Shock watch was introduced in 1983. And the series has not looked back since. The common perception during that time was that watches are fragile and need to be handled with care and taken care of. The G-Shock project team's main objective was to challenge this perception and archive what they termed the triple 10' - a watch that will easily last for 10 years, will be 10 bar (100m) water resistant and will be perfectly fine even after being dropped from a height of 10 meters. Not only did the team archive these objectives, the G-Shock series has just kept on improving since then. Casio has many G-Shock lineups and they continue to keep on adding to them. Newer G-Shocks come in various flavors - featuring mud, dust resistance, atomic controlled (wave ceptor), 200m water resistance is the norm now. Some of the series include - Mudman, Riseman, Gulfman, Giez, Wave Ceptor, Cockpit, Tough Solar, Frogman etc.
Casio G Shock watches are unmatched when it comes to durability and reliability. They are the favourites of many in the armed forces. During the operating in Mogadishu, Somalia (as chronicled in Black Hawk Down) the special forces are said to be wearing G-Shock watches. When it comes to G-Shocks you just can't go wrong. The casio Baby-G series is also a part of G-shock. The Baby-G watches are equally tough, and are mostly aimed at teens and women. They are normally smaller in size and feature colorful designs.

The Casio products can be categorized into following product ranges depending on the technology used or the target audience for whom these watches are prepared.

1. Baby-G Watches :
These are watches particularly meant for feminine category. The product range accommodates the customers from a childhood age group to the elderly women. Dressing up to make a style statement or going casual, Casio has wide array of colors, shapes and sizes to suit your need.

2. G-Shock Watches :
These are the perfect blend of function and fashion. G-shock watches will fit any lifestyle. These are known for water and shock resistance. The most popular watch series by Casio till now.

3. Waveceptor Watches:
These watches connect to the atomic transmitter in Colorado several times a day, and synchronize the time correctly by doing necessary adjustments. Selected models in this series also incorporate the 5 motor systems, which allow the Waveceptor watches combine a traditional analog look with atomic accuracy.

4. Pathfinder / Protrek Watches :
These watches are truly prepared for outdoorsmen who love traveling. They not only feature the authentic outdoor styling but also have distinguished tools to assist the travel. These models are equipped with sensors to help you observe the nature and monitor its changes.

5.Databank Watches :
These watches have in built capability of storing additional information like contact details, numbers etc. In this way, these watches ensure that information is always ready and is easily accessible.

6. Classic Watches :
These watches combine the best of the features from other watches. The styles which are true and will always remain in fashion.

7. Sports Watches :
These watches are sleek, elegant and water resistant which is prefect for active lifestyles. These watches have built in stop watch, alarm and much more.

Some of the more popular Casio watches are these:
CASIO Protrek Triple Sensor PRG-40-3V PRG40-3V PRG-40 3V
Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Tide Graph PRG-130-1V PRG130-1V
Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Tide Graph PRG-130GB-1V PRG130GB-1V
Casio Protrek Titanium Tide Graph PRG-130T-7V PRG130T-7V
Casio G- Shock DW5600E-1V DW 5600 DW5600 DW-5600E-1V
Casio G-Shock Mudman G-9000-1V G9000-1V G-9000 G-9000-1 G9000-1
Casio G-Shock Gulfman G-9100-1DR G9100-1DR G-9100 G-9100-1 G9100
Casio G-Shock Riseman Tough Solar Altimeter G-9200-1DR G9200-1DR
Casio G-Shock Databank Tele-memory G2500-1V G-2500-1V G2500
Casio G-Shock Frogman Diver's 25th Anniv. Limited Edition GW225E

Casio Baby-G watches

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