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Why Men Like and Wear Watches

Throughout recent history when a man turned 21 it was often signaled by receiving a watch from their father. It is likely it was the only watch they would ever receive as a gift, but it was the start of something more than a fashion statement. While most men would say they wear a watch for its functionality, they are less likely to admit wearing one for what it says about their personality.

Wearing a Watch Is a Matter of Attitude
While many men today walk around with their cell phone either in their hand or with a handsfree ear piece, they really don't need a watch. Their phones are fully capable of telling them the time, but still they will have this fashion accessory on their wrist. Some employers also look differently at a man without a watch, believing that they have no sense of time. Some employers will hire a man wearing a watch before hiring one without a watch, believing they have a respect for time.

A Useful Accessory for Any Serious Businessman
For many men, a watch is about the only accessory they feel comfortable wearing and when selecting one they are very cautious to find just the right one that goes with their personality and their lifestyle. Additionally, wearing a watch in a business meeting is the best way to know the time as many supervisors will frown upon those who pull out their cell phones to check the time. With a watch that quick look can be done subtly. Those who meet with clients or customers may also appear rude if they pull out a cellphone to check the time.

Quality Watches Outlived Changes in Fashion
As the use of cell phones began to increase, sales of watches started a slow decline, but that trend, thanks to the watch manufacturers, didn't last. LED displays on electronic watches also didn't have much of a life as they were soon outdone by designer watches that made men proud to wear them. Despite the low prices of many of these LED watches, men were not drawn to them in the same numbers as were drawn to quality made watches.

Industry Offers Different Types of Watches to Suit Every Man
Designers and marketers were able to bring the watch industry to life by offering the types of timepieces men craved. Those that are adorned with sport team logos or other decorations found customers in their respective industries. Add watches that make a man feel part of a sport, such as football, baseball and NASCAR racing and a whole new audience is created. The watches created in the 1980's and 90's were also more than simple time-telling devices. They could show the date along with other technologies to offer men more than simply knowing the time. Underwater watches for sports enthusiasts and shock resistant watches that could be worn while involved in activities also became more popular with the active set. It is with the watch that men show off their personality, which is often hidden behind the facade of their suit and tie. A sports car may be the only other item a man has to brag about, but his watch is the only one that can be shown off no matter where they are.
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