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Citizen Watches - Precision and Style
The Citizen Watch Company is one of the biggest producers of watches in the world. The trade name Citizen was first used in 1924, and the company has its roots in a precision tooling company somewhat older. The name originally appeared on a pocket watch - then the timepiece of choice for ladies and gentlemen - but is now applied to the wide range of contemporary wristwatches that make up the company's main line. Drawing its influences from traditional styles, the Citizen range has always been popular, and at Creation Watches we sell many different models.

Innovation and Development
There is no doubt that Citizen has long been at the forefront of innovation in watch design and manufacturer. Take its famous Eco-Drive: this is a power source that draws its power from a solar panel in the watch, charging a battery as it does so. Much imitated by other manufacturers who saw the benefits, it is the original of the type. Some of the earlier Eco-Drive models - in particular the very rare Duo series - are now serious collector's items. Citizen also produces the Skyhawk range, which can synchronise with radio clocks across the world to automatically provide accurate measurements for a particular time zone. Notably, Citizen has also produced collectors watches, with the emphasis on aviation and aerobatics in special editions produced for the Blue Angels - the USA aerobatics team - and the UK's Red Arrows equivalent.

Citizen Current Range
At Creation Watches we have a vast range of Citizen models on offer, all brand new and boxed. The beauty of this range is that it covers every eventuality. Citizen is known for quality watches that are well priced, hence the great popularity of the range. The Campanola range is Citizen's high-end collection, a superbly styled range of truly beautiful watches that are designed to be noticed. Traditional influence and craftsmanship are the key factors. The range of Pilot's watches, known as Navihawk, draw on the age-old link between watches and aircraft, and this is a collection that is simply wonderful in its execution.

Ladies Citizen Watches
Women are well-catered for with the wonderful range of Ladies Diamond watches, a cleverly selected collection that offers some very beautiful feminine touches, and there is much more to choose from besides those mentioned here. The Citizen range really does cover all the angles, and yet despite the brand being among the biggest sellers in the world there is no compromise on quality. This is a beautifully conceived, well-priced and inventive range of watches, so why have a look at Creation Watches now and see if there's one for you?
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