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Casio Watches - Innovative Modern Design
Casio is one of the most recognisable brands in the world today. With a product line that includes everything from clever gadgets to musical instruments, this is one of the most diverse manufacturers around. At Creation Watches we stock a full range of the quite brilliant and often ground-breaking Casio rang of watches, and what a range it is! The company is famed for inventiveness, and it shows in these superbly stylish yet sometimes quite unique designs. Casio's first watch was released for sale in 1974, and even then it was an innovation: it featured an automatic calendar, a clever gadget that was instantly popular. It is no surprise that Casio was at the forefront of the digital watch craze, a style that is currently undergoing something of a nostalgic return to favour.

G-Shock - Brilliant Casio Design
In 1983 Casio unveiled the first of its popular and very original 'G-Shock' models; this has gone on to be one of the best-selling watch ranges in history. Rugged sporting designs that are aimed athletes, military types and those who lead an active life, G-Shock watches are stylish and very trendy, and come complete with features including a stopwatch and countdown, as well as a high level of water resistance. At Creation Watches we have a full range of G-Shock watches, including the brilliant women's models and also some of the more inventive colour schemes. Designed to last, these are well made and durable watches that offer Casio accuracy and enduring style.

Sporting Design and Classic Looks
Other sporting ranges from Casio include the ProTrek and SeaPathFinder models, which come with fantastic features such as air pressure and temperature sensors, tide graphs for sailors and even a barometer in some cases. Designed for outdoor sporting use, as well as that on water, these brilliantly styled watches are more than just a timepiece. The Edifice Chronograph range offers some truly brilliant classically influenced styles and there are many beautiful watches to be found in the Classic Quartz watches line. We can't write about Casio without mentioning the quite wonderful Baby G, a stylish and very different range of women's watches based on the G-Shock theme. Casio is a household name in the watch world, and in many other areas of technology and manufacturing. The watches that you can see at Creation watches are well priced and beautifully made, and many of them offer something very different from your usual everyday watch. Have look at the Casio range now, and you might find the watch you have been looking for.
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Casio G-Shock DW-6900MR-1D Mens Watch

Casio G-Shock DW-6900MR-1D Mens Watch

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