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A Review Of Citizen Promaster Eco Drive NightHawk BJ7010-59E BJ7010 Watch

This Citizen Promaster Nighthawk BJ7010-59E is an another great eco drive watch. This watch is powered not by an ordinary battery, but by converting photo energy to electrical energy. A secondary battery is used in this watch to store electrical energy. This secondary battery is a clean energy battery which doesn’t use any toxic substances

A Closer Look at Citizen Promaster Sky Eco Drive Nighthawk BJ7010-16F BJ7010

The watch is in Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive category, meaning that the face containing solar cell. Wearing the watch in daylight keeps the batteries charged for several months. It’s basically a zero-maintenance watches no batteries, no winding, etc. You can’t even tell the face is a solar cell — it appears solid black, even up-close. The