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Braun doesn’t only make electric shavers, they also make watches. And both of the top class! Every Braun Watch is a contrast to an era that shunned minimalistic purity near to non-existence.

Braun Watches carry the evidences of the versatility of Braun’s engineering expertise. They are excellent watchmakers who all merely translated engineering excellence into style! Even the Braun Digital Watch line also truly follows their less is more design philosophy, stemming from the Bauhaus school. Braun; however, calls it – “Less but better”! It’s at their core for the past seven decades! It applies even to the digital Braun watches and also to their analog digital versions. They got the more tech look for the absolute, modern man. They are as simple and linear as their mechanical counterparts, which brings a clean look to its every design.

Whether it’s a Braun Classic Watch or an everyday digital or ana/digi Braun watch, Braun watches are some of the sleekest watches around, showcasing how impeccable quality can bring forth a minimalist solution at par with a standard, urban lifestyle. Both Braun Mens Watch of Braun Women's Watch embodies an enduring, timeless style; exuding thoughtful clarity and makes you feel confident about the brand’s dedication to a lasting style and class.

The Braun Watches Online you will find here come in both classic and contemporary designs; often simultaneously. They exactly represent today’s urban man. The reliability and versatility of the different models shows through the radical black, silver and grey colour combos.

Braun Watches – including some of the Braun Ladies Watch models have won a total of 21 prestigious design and business awards ranging from the ‘Red Dot’ to the ‘iF’. The design concepts and their ways of communication have also earned Brain watches a prominent place in the Red Dot Design Museum.

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