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Depoimentos de clientes
Juraj Darida, SLOVAKIA(May 2021)

Posted on: May-2021

It arrived very fast and I was very happy with it!

Urban Kodras, SLOVENIA(APRIL 2021)

Posted on: Apr-2021

I'm satisfied with the order. Everything went ok.

Rok Tomsic, Slovenia(December 2020)

Posted on: Dec-2020

My shopping experience was great. I ordered, payed and received.

Simon, Slovenia(November 2020)

Posted on: Dec-2020

I am very satisfied with the watch (it is really beautiful as I expected) and your service as well.

Gregor Ambroz, Slovenia(November 2020)

Posted on: Dec-2020

Indeed I have received the package and everything went smooth

Matevz, Slovenia(October 2020)

Posted on: Nov-2020

The service and shipping was excellent.

Tilen Moder, Slovenia(July 2020)

Posted on: Sep-2020

Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience. The watch is working nicely and I am happy with my purchase.

T. Rudez, Slovenia (Nov 2019)

Posted on: Nov-2019

Thank you! Everything was great. I'm so happy about the watch. Now I am waiting for the next one coming. -- T. Rudez, Slovenia

M. Kolaric, Slovenia (July 2019)

Posted on: Jul-2019

Thank you for great watch at amazing price. Also thanks for your unbelievably fast shipping.--M. Kolaric, Slovenia

--A.Opresnik ,Slovenia(March 2019)

Posted on: Mar-2019

Yesterday i got my watch and i must say it's working flawless for now. I would like to thank you for your amazing service and for sure i will buy another watch from you'r site some day. --A.Opresnik ,Slovenia

K. Avgustin, Slovenia (March 2018)

Posted on: Mar-2018

Great shopping experience. Nice watch, great price and fast delivery. I'm one happy customer. Continue with great work !!!--K. Avgustin, Slovenia

D. Zlatanović, Slovenia (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

It's the second watch I bought from Creationwatches and both times everything went smoothly. The fast shipping is one of the most important things in the buying experience and apart from the great prices and costumer service, hey are performing it at the best. The watch is a pure classic and couldn't be more happy with it. Already saving money, for new projects with Creationwatches.--D. Zlatanović, Slovenia

B. Cop, Slovenia (Feb 2017)

Posted on: Feb-2017

you have a most pleased customer again. CreationWatches is the best! Cheers from Slovenia -- B. Cop, Slovenia

M. Nose, Slovenia (Nov 2016)

Posted on: Nov-2016

I have received the watch and the documents. It's perfect and I am very happy with my purchase.The overall price of the watch was still much lower than I would pay for the same model here in the shop and also lower than if I would buy it online from the EU. So, it was still the best possible deal and I am absolutely satisfied. Thank you! -- M. Nose, Slovenia

A. Grohar, Slovenia (Sep 2016)

Posted on: Sep-2016

I'm very satisfied with the watch, it came nicely packed and without a scratch. I must say that I was not expecting such an amazing accuracy from watch. Delivery was super fast - 4 days. Will buy again from you, thanks CreationWatches. -- A. Grohar, Slovenia

P. Herzog, Slovenia (Aug 2016)

Posted on: Aug-2016

Thank you for your kindness. Today DHL delivered the package (the wristwatch) to me. With ordered watch I am very pleased, because it has arrived intact and wrist watch is beautiful. With your store and support I am very pleased. Thank you. -- P. Herzog, Slovenia

M. Memić, Slovenia (Aug 2016)

Posted on: Aug-2016

Thank you for regards and compliments for very satisfaid and thanks. -- M. Memić, Slovenia

V. stradar, Slovenia (Jan 2016)

Posted on: Jan-2016

I am werry satisfied with my watch and with your service and I will buy with you again. Thank you and best wishes in 2016.-- V. stradar, Slovenia

S. Marković, Slovenia (May 2015)

Posted on: May-2015

I have received my watch yesterday, it's been held by the customs but that has nothing to do with you. Your service is excellent, website is neat and customer service is also great.-- S. Marković, Slovenia

I. Melev, Slovenia (Feb 2015)

Posted on: Feb-2015

Hello shipment I received everything was perfect and I thank recommend you to others thanks again. -- I. Melev, Slovenia

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