Gifting a watch to a modern lady

This blog is aimed at the middle-class men wanting to buy a wrist watch for a modern-day lady. Your budget should be around USD $250.

There was a time not long ago, when a ladies wrist watch was more like a jewellery item and less as a functional object. Ladies wrist watches tended to be no more than 15mm across and had a tiny pearl finish white or golden dial with a tiny hour and minute hand. They rarely if ever, had a day-date feature.

The modern-day lady in contrast, is college educated and more often than not, a post-grad. She is confident and takes long strides in what is still very much a man’s world. She climbs the corporate ladder and competes for the best posts in the corporate scene. For these modern-day ladies, a wrist watch is primarily a tool to know the time and only after that, is it a fashion accessory.

So, if you are buying a wrist watch for a modern-day lady, if she is a lady with a corporate job, avoid the dainty jewellery type watches and instead, opt for a bit larger watch that is at least 30mm across, has pearl white dial, and preferably has at least the date. You will find a few dozen watches all from reputed brands including Armani, Daniel Wellington, Timex etc., meet this description and can be bought for under USD $200.

Next, up the ante by adding diamond and gold plating to the list. You will find that the watch list that matches your search criteria does not diminish and the also, the brand names stay steady. The price tag however becomes closer to USD 300.

What you should now have, is a list of watches to choose from. Opt for watches that are not less than 300+mm across and have a sub-dial or two on them. They should display the day and date. Look also, for brand value. Obviously, Armani or Tissot is higher up the ladder than say Titan. The brand name too adds to the value of the gift.

At this stage you must be thinking “dude, didn’t you say budget of USD $250?” I ask for a little patience, my friend for, I will tell where you can get your desired watch for a price that will blow your socks off.

What is special about any of them is that they source their wrist watches directly from the manufacturer and sell them at ex-factory prices. They sport all the top brands and offer international warranty. There is a humongous difference between the retail price and the factory price. A watch that ordinarily retails for USD (say) $350 would be available for USD $250 or thereabouts at these sites. Now you know why I set the bar at just USD $250. Happy Shopping !!