Fashionable and Modern Orient Watches for Affordable Prices

Orient is the Japan’s largest mechanical watches. This company produces both the mechanical (quartz and Automatic) movement watches. The Orient Watch company has several advanced technologies such as power reserve indicator and self winding mechanical. In early watch making days, Orient had some compitition in watch making industry, and for many years it was ranked number three. Orient has focused on making best mechanical watches in affordable prices.

Orient Automatic Movement watches are also called as In-house movement timepieces. These watches has dual semi-skeleton trait on both the sides (dial and case back). This feature is very special and allows you to view the interior mechanism of the watch, balance wheel and efficiency of watch movement. The semi-skeleton watches has been admired for years by wearers and watchmakers. These watches are very special and currently a popular fashion. One of the best thing of these Orient Watches is that they suit on both the business or casual wearing. They have many different varieties of colors to easily find the perfect style for you. To build these versatile watches, quality material are used.

Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Watch
Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Watch

The Power Reserve mechanism used in Orient Automatic watches can store power for many hours. This feature of watches provides long term reliability. These are quite affordable and comes in every price range. These Orient Watches also has Divers watches. These watches are specially designed for those who love to dive, who loves water sports. Divers watches have robust look and are very advanturous. You can wear these Divers Watches all the time, whether sleeping, working, showering and even at the time of swimming. These Orient Divers Watch looks cool with robust style.

Today Orient Watches are well known all over the world with manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Japan and Singapore.