Description about Chronograph watches

Today most of the timepieces are coming with chronograph feature; a chronograph watch is the type of timepieces which functions both for timekeeping and stopwatch. Some of the most popular timepieces of chronograph features you can get easily from Citizen Watch collection. Chronograph watch comes with two types: Digital and analog.

In digital chronograph watch you can use the same display to switch between the time and stopwatch functions, however it consumes more power. While in analog watches gauges are given for minutes, hours and seconds. Most of the chronograph watches have sub-dials, it is placed inside the main dial. Sub-dial also called as auxiliary dials, they include common features such as chronographs, alarms, dual time, perpetual calendar etc. Chronograph watches also known as multifunction timepieces, multifunction watches are extremely popular and peoples recommends because sub-dials are very useful and often necessary in displaying various types of information. With sub-dial in chronograph watches, timepieces get an extraordinary look. Usually chronograph watches have three dials, for operating these watches push buttons are given. Perhaps you heard the term chronometer, the term chronograph and chronometer are used incorrectly.


A chronometer is very accurate timepiece which remains very accurate through a range of environments, while a chronograph watch is a watch that has extra functions, these extra functions are called “complications”, however a chronograph can also be a chronometer.

Look at this Citizen Chronograph Watch, this watch has chronograph of 1/5 chronograph up to 60 minutes. This chronograph watch has power reserve function that stores enough amount of power up to seven month. Overcharge prevention features also given in this watch if this watch being overcharge. This chronograph watch has black dial with green accentuation. Designers has gives attractive classy look to this watch. Overall this lovely citizen watch may perfect for everyone.