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An Overview on Casio Baby-G Shock Resistant Puppy Watch BG-180PP-4DR BG180PP

Casio Baby-g collection watches are designed for contemporary young women who consider their “favorite color” as the first priority in their daily fashion. An LED light with Afterglow makes it easy to read the digital display, and a multi-function alarm helps keep your day on-track. Baby-g watches were designed to suit your mood and style….

An Article on Casio Baby-G Shock-resistant World Timer Watch BG-1300G-5DR BG1300G BG-1300G-5D

Casio transformed the concept of the watch — from a mere timepiece to an information device for the wrist — and undertook product planning based on this innovative idea. They developed not only time functions such as global time zone watches, but also other radical new functions using Casio’s own digital technology, including calculator and…