Review of Seiko Automatic Diver’s 200M Oyster Strap SKX009K3-Oys Men’s Watch

Everything started with a letter from a professional diver in Hiroshima prefecture of Japan. The diver explained that no watch was robust enough to withstand the stresses and strains he experienced when using a diving capsule and saturation diving techniques in depths greater than 300m. Answering this request, Seiko’s engineers set to work and after years of research development, the world’s first titanium cased diver’s watch, the Professional Diver’s 600m, was created.

Introduced in 1965, Seiko’s innovative diver’s watch has been chosen by divers and adventurers globally. Seiko’s diving watch has become a global standard as a result 50 years of innovation. In Dive Watch Technology Numerous elements are to be considered in dive watches. Such as the crystal dial covering, the dials, and the strap. The external elements should also be taken into account such as the crown and so on.

The Seiko 100 meters divers and Seiko 200 meters divers are the most popular among amateur Divers. In 1985, the signature Seiko Diver’s 200M Oyster Strap SKX009K3-Oys Men’s watch achieved worldwide popularity, bringing Seiko’s experience in this arena to a wider public. 200m water resistance provided secure timekeeping for recreational divers. The Pepsi bezel (red ‘n blue) is fantastically popular. The Oyster strap is something derived from Rolex. It is the particular style of bracelet that Rolex hangs their Oyster Perpetual watches with. The SKX009K3 have Calibre 7S26. If you are looking for a diver’s watch then you will be satisfied with this product once you wear it.