Review of Casio G-Shock G-STEEL Analog-Digital World Time GST-S110BD-1A2 Men’s Watch

The Casio worked this time under the concept of “Layered Toughness”; the G-STEEL series consists of a quality metal body with the Shock Resistant structure that G-SHOCK is known for. From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes G-STEEL, a watch series with a new “layer guard structure”. Not only does the G-STEEL series offer Double LED Light it is also built with Casio’s original Hand Concealment Function where users can press a button to temporarily move the watch hands out of the way, to have an unblocked view of the LCD display.

The Casio G-Shock G-STEEL Analog-Digital World Time GST-S110BD-1A2 Men’s Watch is made up of ‘Layered Guard Structure’ with double layered bezel reinforced with resin and metal for outstanding toughness and durability. Its layer guard structure uses different materials to create the dual-layer shock resistant structure. Topped with steel, it is shock absorbent resin that forms the lower part of the watch to cushion further the impacts the upper part is subjected to. The bezel of the G-STEEL is constructed with a layer of metal over a shock absorbent layer of resin.

The Casio Analog-Digital watch has a hand shift feature temporarily moves hands out of the way with the press of a button for easy reading of digital display contents, while double LED face illumination keeps information easy to read at all times. The watch is powered by Tough Solar Technology; to illuminate the watch face while still prolonging its battery life. Other features include World Time – 31 Time Zones, 5 Daily Alarms, Hourly Time Signal, Power Saving, 1/100-Second Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Full Auto-Calendar (To Year 2099) and 12/24-Hour Format and Regular Timekeeping.

The GST-S110BD-1A2 Men’s Watch model expresses the hardness and beauty of metal. The G-Shock G-Steel series is an excellent choice for a dressier yet affordable G-Shock watch that can be worn for any activity or social setting.