Newsletter: Casio Frogman Tough Guy G-Shock Watch on sale

$339: Casio G-Shock Frogman Divers GF-8250-9DR 

Casio Frogman watches are hard to come by. They are so in demand, and the production so less that many people consider themselves lucky to get their hands on a piece they like.

Quintessential G-shock, the Frogman is as tough as it gets. Being a ISO rated 200m diver’s watch they are a favourite of divers and tough guys around the world. It is also the watch of choice for special forces, police officers, military etc.

We have limited stock for the latest GF-8250-9DR. For only USD 339 this model is a steal since most Frogman watches sell for much higher. In any case, the quantity is so limited that sometimes the price doesn’t even matter. Get it here while stocks last: Casio Frogman GF-8250-9DR

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