Aries Gold

The Aries Gold is a collection of futuristic wrist watch models that sport amazing futuristic designs and functions.

Aries Gold is a relatively new company that was setup in 1970. The brand was originally owned by a Swiss Merchat and was purchased, expanded and promoted by CK Woo. From a young age of just 14, CK Woo worked as an apprentice in a watch factory and was fascinated by watches. He felt he could improve the design and functionality of watches that were being manufactured and sold around his time. Rather than set up a watch factory from scratch, CK Woo looked around and eventually found the perfect purchase in the form of a Swiss watch factory that had excellent machinery but was floundering due to financial difficulties. Ck Woo purchased this watch factory and thus was born his dream project; the Aries Gold range of watches.

One look at the designs and you will agree the Aries Gold watches are a class apart. The look different; like something that might be used by spacemen or people from the future. The design apart, the functions that the Aries Gold offers are clearly unique and range from chronograph to tachometer. These are definitely high-end watches in terms of design and functionality. If you want to be seen as successful, an Aries Gold on your wrist confirms your social status.

The Aries Gold models include the ATLANTIC 7002 which has been described as the Diving Chronograph for the Modern Gentleman. With its specially treated scratch-proof Saphire crystal, which is guaranteed to keep the watch looking sharp and crisp no matter how many knocks and bumps it suffers.

The ‘Super Luminova’ coating on the hour hands and hour markers, the three sub-dials, make the Aries Gold a watch to behold. The stainless-steel case of each of the models in the Aries Gold range, is sharply finished with brushing and polishing around its sharp and angled surface. In turn, the case is attached to a unique oyster style 3-link bracelet that give the Atlantic 7002 in particular and all Aires Gold watches in general, a feel and presence that is like no other.

The Atlantic 7002 sports the unique and highly sophisticated VD53 chronograph movement which has the mechanical prowess and dependability to match the sporty looks of the watch. The Atlantic 7002 has a built-water resistance up to 10 bars which is roughly 300 feet. So if you feel like an impromptu dive, just go right ahead and secure knowledge that your Aries Gold Atlantic 7002 will not let you down and that its ‘Super Luminova’ coating on the hour hands and hour markers will ensure that you can read the time and countdown quite clearly despite the murky depths that it is subjected to.

The Aries Gold makers offer one more additional unbeatable feature; personalization of your Aries Gold watch. You can have your name or dedication inscribed at the back of the Aires Gold watch you buy. So, whether you are thinking of buying an expensive watch for yourself or for gifting there are very watches that can match the quality and design of an Aries Gold wrist watch; a truly inspiring range of watches.